The New £1 Coin Enters Circulation and Becomes Legal Tender

BLOG | The UK's new 12-sided £1 coin officially enters circulation as of today with the initial release of around £300m coins.

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Christopher Eden
28 March 2017

Report - UK's State Pension Age Could Increase Once Again

BLOG | A new report has stated that the current planned rises to the State Pension Age, first to age 66 by 2020 and then to 67 by 2028 may not be enough.

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BUDGET 2017: NIC u-turn as Government recognises the impact on small businesses and manifesto blunder

Normally when the budget is announced that’s it until the legislation comes out, however it seems like the Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond has come to his senses over this and has bowed to rising pressure across the board (including within his own party!) by announcing a u-turn on the plans to increase National Insurance rates for self-employed people.

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Gender Pay Gap Reporting - What's Required and When?

BLOG | Large businesses in the UK are now just weeks away from starting to analyse your gender pay gap before publicly reporting on findings in 2018.

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Ready to create the ultimate digital shopfront for your practice?

The way you connect with clients is changing.

Find out why having an online presence that stands out from the crowd is not only key to interacting with your current clients, but also provides a platform where you can successfully market your services to new contacts.

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Steve Cox
14 March 2017

Staff Loyalty Valued At A Quarter Of Average UK Salary

BLOG | New research published in the annual Loyalty Premium Report has quantified the cost saving of staff loyalty, and the figure rolls into the thousands.

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Christopher Eden
13 March 2017

Never Let Another Payroll Date Pass You By

BLOG | We have put together this FREE payroll fact card containing all of the information that you need to stay compliant for the 2017/18 payroll year.

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Emma Raftery & Christopher Eden
10 March 2017

Budget 2017 HMRC pauses MTD for 3.1 million UK businesses

Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond yesterday announced a one year deferral from mandating Making Tax Digital (MTD) for unincorporated businesses, self-employed professionals and landlords with turnovers below the new VAT threshold of £85,000. This will see the number of businesses needing to comply with MTD from April 2018 fall from 3.5 million to approximately 450,000.

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Budget 2017: The Key Facts For You and Your Business

BLOG | The Chancellor Philip Hammond gave his first fully fledged Budget yesterday. Today's blog summarises the key points affecting you and your business.

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Christopher Eden
9 March 2017

Looking At The Gender Pay Gap On International Women's Day

BLOG | To celebrate International Women's Day today, we look at a recent update on the gender pay gap which was revealed on Monday.

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