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Truancy Call integrates seamlessly with your school’s MIS to pull the data for all absent and late pupils. The system performs first-point-of-call contact with parents via automated phone call, text message or email and allows parents to respond. Repeated calls are delivered until a response is provided, improving parental engagement and student attendance.

What Truancy Call can do for you

With busy office teams and low resources, schools need a cost-efficient method of reducing unauthorised absence. With Truancy Call, our automated system is the first point of contact with parents of absent students, saving you time every day. The platform dynamically integrates with your MIS, pulling absent students’ data so you can be sure the right parents have been contacted. Parents can respond at a time convenient for them, building strong relationships to support your school.
  • Improve parental engagement by utilising a method to suit all busy and hard-to-reach parents
  • Reduce unauthorised absence rates
  • Support student learning by noting and acting on persistently absent pupils
  • Support parents with professional, timely communications
  • Save on time-consuming administrative tasks


Improve parental engagement – Our system allows parents to respond to your school at a time and via a method convenient for them; in fact, over a third of parental responses are received by Truancy Call out of school hours

Improve absence rates – Truancy Call is proven to reduce unauthorised absence

Protect budgets – Save money on telephone call costs through quick calls or texts to parents enquiring after a child’s absence rather than personal calling which can be more lengthy and costly

Save time – Free up valuable administrative time by allowing Truancy Call to perform first-day contact on behalf of your school via calling or texting parents

Key features

Automated first-point-of-call contact

The system contacts parents of absent students via phone, text or email on behalf of your school.


Parents are not charged for responding to calls from Truancy Call.

Absence or lateness

With data drawn dynamically from your school’s MIS, it immediately identifies who is absent or late.

Flexible reporting

Filter the data down further and remove parents or guardians who don’t require messages.