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Assistant Legal Counsel (12 months maternity cover )


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Job Summary

To provide assistance and support on the legal, company secretarial, procedural and regulatory issues arising from the Company’s routine operation


Main Responsibilities

  1. Provide competent and timely general legal advice across all levels across the business to include:


(a)  Compliance with relevant legislation and regulation;

(b)  Prepare, draft and negotiate a variety of commercial contracts including: IT, consultancy, marketing, and NDAs and provide legal advice in relation to such contracts.

(c)  Litigation management and settlement with external legal support

(d)  Provide legal support in relation to business development, sales, promotions and advertisements.

(e)  Assist with corporate/IP law matters.

(f)  Assist with corporate governance and compliance matters.

(g)  Liaising with external lawyers


  1. To assist with the design, drafting implementation and communication of enhancements and amendments to existing and future customer terms and conditions.


  1. To monitor new law relevant to the business.


  1. To work with the other functions to ensure that there is a coherent and seamless delivery of legal services across the business.




  • Actively and constructively assists the Head of Legal in order to achieve business objectives effectively.


  • Forms a good working relationship with key individuals across all areas of the business;


  • Forms a good working relationship with external legal advisers and other lawyers in sector relevant companies.


  • Responds to requests, managesexpectations, keeps relevant parties informed, focuses on timely delivery and takes ownership for resolving issues.


  • Successfully balances the demands of routine work, ad hoc requests and project delivery.


  • Clearly, positively, diplomatically and, when necessary, firmly communicates advice.


  • Regularly manages clearly defined objectives which are regularly reviewed.


  • Communicates commitment to good governance and professional standards in both the legal team and when meeting business objectives.


  • Identifies and stays focussed on the important issues whilst not forgetting the detail.


  • Clarity of advice and service to meet the business objectives.


  • Appreciation of the achievement of commercial goals and whilst ensuring robust, practical and risk based advise.


  • Has a committed and energetic but professional and objective approach to informing, motivating and persuading others.


  • Is articulate, honest and authoritative in finding the right style and words to influence or motivate a group or individual.


  • Is prepared to be the bearer of unwelcome or uncomfortable news with clarity and precision and being constructive about potential alternatives.


  • Is prepared to listen to others and works to understand them.


  • Has an open approach to communication whilst understanding the potential sensitivities with their possible impact.


  • Seeks and gives feedback.


  • Creates a climate of trust, allowing others to feel free, either openly or confidentially, to express ideas and information.


  • Is inquisitive and testing, asking the right questions in the correct circumstances and then (if appropriate) acts on that information.


  • Ability to create and deliver clear and concise written or verbal reports and to advise others on doing so.


  • Ability to adapt style and approach to suit audience and to advise others on doing so.



  • Initiate programmes, projects and tasks to improve the understanding and deliver of legal services across the Company.


  • Proactively looks for ideas and solutions to tasks set and to give constructive advice to those areas of the business serviced.


  • Able to take ideas/solutions forward efficiently or to persuade others to do so.


  • Takes proactive steps to develop best practice across the international sales team


  • Where necessary, can act as lead negotiator in commercial discussions using influence, logic and argument to position the Company to an appropriate outcome.


  • Using logical argument and relevant information, to support, encourage and/or challenge colleagues.



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31 Jul 2017


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