Employee benefits


The benefits

Please contact our HR team to find out any more details about any of the information presented below:

Generous holiday allowance

All employees receive 26 days holiday (or part-time equivalent), plus public holidays. Our ‘Holiday Buy and Sell’ option gives you the ability to plan your holiday a year ahead.

Private medical healthcare

Our private medical insurance gives you the flexibility to buy extra cover or decrease cover to suit your lifestyle. Electing to join our scheme will mean we pay for your own premium, but you can add your family, which is funded from your own remuneration package. 

Life assurance

In the event of your death while a member of the scheme, a lump sum benefit equal to four times your salary at the date of death would be payable. The scheme does not cost you anything, either directly (premiums) or indirectly (it’s not a taxable benefit), and you now have the flexibility to decrease it to x2 your annual salary or increase it to x10 your annual salary.


Employee contributions are made via salary sacrifice. It’s a tax efficient way to pay your contributions and results in an increase in the amount invested.

In addition to your contributions, we will make an employer contribution of 3% of basic salary. Contributions are invested in a range of investment funds selected by you, until such time as you are ready to draw on your pension benefits. It’s an improved scheme featuring reduced management charges subject to individual circumstances.

Complimentary benefits, including Bike to Work, Childcare Vouchers and discount schemes

Save up to 42% on bikes and cycling equipment with the Bike to Work scheme. Reduce your travel costs, get more from your local supplier and lessen your environmental impact.

Childcare vouchers, in exchange for sacrificing part of your salary, can be used with all legal forms of childcare, e.g. childminders, nurseries and out of school schemes, and reduce your childcare costs through potential savings on tax and National Insurance payments. 

Voluntary benefits give you discounts on high street and big brand names when shopping online, discounted phone plans with Vodafone, and up to 50% off gym memberships throughout the UK. And our Flexible Benefits Pot allows you to choose a benefits package that suits you. 

*All of these benefits are subject to individual terms and conditions.

  1. Challenging and rewarding work environment
  2. Full range of career opportuinties - from finance to software development
  3. Competitive salary and benefits
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