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Every school wants the best possible outcomes for their pupils. At IRIS Education we help schools achieve this; we work with 11,000 schools across the UK providing best-of breed software to help manage valuable resources easily and efficiently. We help schools run smoothly and effectively so they can focus more on what they do best - teaching children.

We work with 67% of academies and 60% of Academy Trusts - and from nurseries through to further education - providing software to manage finances, assets, budgeting, human resources, parent payments, school-to-home communications and more.

Our software assists schools on many levels, from simply improving communications with parents or managing parents’ evenings through to centralising school functions, such as HR and Accounts, or standardising the way schools work across a Trust.

Our Education Division companies consist of long-established Award-winning brands including PS Financials, Results Squared, ParentMail, Contact Group and School Asset Manager; all specialists in their fields and who have grown thousands of loyal customers over many years through their expertise and knowledge.

Across our division, our technology sends hundreds of millions of emails and texts every year, helping to efficiently connect schools and parents, and we process tens of millions of pounds of payments annually for dinner money and other school items. All our systems use state-of-the art software and infrastructure so that our platforms are robust and reliable - and always available when needed.

Supporting and providing value to our customers is at the heart of what we do, we understand that every school’s needs are different and it’s important to us to invest time to understand these. We are keen to ensure that we deliver a service that truly works for every one of our customers.

Increasingly, our software is forming an essential part of school and Academy Trust infrastructure; it makes us proud that schools truly value what we do, that they’re keen to know more about other software we offer, and that they continue to use our services year-after-year. 

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