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"IRIS Payroll for Accountants is the main software I use for the bulk of my clients. The biggest benefit I’ve noticed since using IRIS Payroll for Accountants is definitely the ease of use, for example it’s very easy to navigate through and rollback past data. If we get a request from a client, it’s really easy to go back and re-process the payroll."

James Toulson, 1 Less Worry Payroll Services, Feb 2017

"The level of service we've received from IRIS has been fantastic. I think a benefit of us building our relationship since 2007 has meant that the IRIS team have developed a real understanding of ACT and how we operate. This is a great help when it comes to dealing with our specific requirements."

Vicki French, ACT Conferencing, May 2016

"Initially we were looking to purchase payroll software so we could continue running our payroll in-house. We came to IRIS as a number of people in the business had experience with IRIS payroll software. However, we eventually decided that it would be more practical to utilise the IRIS Managed Payroll Service. The solution fit our budget perfectly."

Annette Canbas, A.M. Nomikos & Son, May 2016

"Outsourcing was almost exclusively a time-orientated decision. Running the payroll for the practice with auto enrolment, and overtime all included was taking me around half a day each payroll run. Since outsourcing, the time I need to put into the payroll has gone down to almost zero."

Jacqui Westcott, Penny Lane Surgery, May 2016

"It’s a very user friendly system, it’s very easy to pick up, so as you’re running your payroll, the auto enrolment module is there also working and it’s pretty much instantaneous."

Lee Clayburn, AEL Markhams, Apr 2016

"The IRIS AE Suite™ helps me manage the legislation and assesses our 6 employees automatically each payroll run, the information then goes to our chosen pension provider. It doesn’t add any additional time so the complete payroll and auto enrolment processing only takes about 20 minutes to complete."

Stephanie Milne, Mathie-Morton Solicitors, Apr 2016

"My payroll is now quick and easy, as all of the figures are there already; and it also reduces stress as well as time needed when it comes to payroll year end."

Barbara Kurtz, Fishers Chemist, Mar 2016

"I’ve found IRIS and NEST Web Services to be efficient and easy to use, IRIS’ software has worked extremely well and done what we needed it to do, and the compatibility with NEST is excellent."

Claire Rigby, Lawn Pre-school, Mar 2016

"I am now saving approximately an additional half a day each month since using the IRIS AE Suite and NEST Web Services. The functionality is brilliant, it’s so much simpler to manage my payroll and auto enrolment requirements. Previously I had to collate the data and manually upload it to NEST whereas now the integration means all the data is there within a click of a button. I would definitely recommend the IRIS AE Suite and NEST Web Services to anyone else using NEST or considering using NEST."

Shahista Chaiwalla, Early Years Network Tower Hamlets, Mar 2016

"I found auto enrolment to be costly for our business, but it has been made easier with the combination of IRIS and NEST; using both has also helped me keep up-to-date so that the business maintains compliance to help ensure that we avoid possible fines. I was introduced to IRIS by my accountant many years ago, and have found their PAYE programme easy and extremely quick to use compared to in the past when I managed the company’s tax and National Insurance using charts."

Tania Lomas, Appliance Services AUL Ltd., Mar 2016

"I wouldn’t be surprised if IRIS Managed Payroll saves me a full days’ worth of work each month."

Tim Baker, Aldens, Feb 2016

"IRIS OpenPayslips is brilliant. When we first rolled it out, we had a very impressive 60% of our workforce adopting it straight away. When those that didn’t adopt IRIS OpenPayslips straight away saw their colleagues using it, they were easily convinced to take it on as well."

Simon Iliffe, Tingdene Homes, Jan 2016

"The main benefit of adopting the IRIS AE Suite™ is the fact that it keeps us compliant and that we do not incur the non-compliance fines. Furthermore, the amount of time saving that we can attribute to it. Running our payroll including auto enrolment now only takes us a morning to do, whereas if we were to do it manually, it would probably take us around 3 days per payroll run. "

Fiona Weir, Amipak, Jan 2016

"Yes, I would recommend the IRIS AE Suite™ no doubt about it. Especially now because it is so straight forward to use."

Rhonda Smyth, Rylands Nursing Home, Jan 2016

"Without a doubt I would recommend that they use IRIS. This is because it is just not worth the time and the hassle doing it yourself when a solution like the IRIS AE Suite™ is available to do it all for you, removing the stress on an ongoing basis and manage re-enrolment in three years’ time."

Helen Sargeant, Balance Street Practice, Jan 2016

"Both IRIS GP Accounts and IRIS GP Payroll are very user friendly. They are tailored very much to our needs. The accounts package is designed and detailed to take into account the complicated NHS income structure. Our many Enhanced Service & target payments have to be separately identified & accounted for . We have fiddly bits of money coming from different sources for different aspects of the practice and the IRIS software is set up to deal with all of that so efficiently. This has taken a huge stress out of doing the accounts."

Jan Charlton, Chancellor House Surgery, Jan 2016

"I’m happy with IRIS and with the Earnie product I use, it’s straightforward and does what it says on the tin. If anybody is unhappy with their payroll then I would recommend IRIS"

Phil Oliver, Energy Power Resources, Nov 2015

"We use Earnie payroll and it’s a really easy system to use; IRIS’ helpline is great if you have any queries just phone them up and they usually can fix it there and then, and if not they get back to you."

Angela McConnell, ProStrakan, Nov 2015

"Auto enrolment was massively complicated and I’m very impressed with how they’ve handled that."

John Yates, Royal Opera House, Nov 2015

"I would recommend IRIS purely because of their customer care, when you call IRIS their technical people are absolutely great."

Joanne McAndrew, Bellway Homes PLC, Nov 2015

"I love that KashFlow is in the cloud, that’s a real big advantage to me because it means that I can work [on payroll] at home or I can work on payroll here, any of the [employees] others can work on it and we can do things simultaneously as well from any location which for small businesses is very useful."

Sarah Pettigrew, Bray's Cottage, Nov 2015

"I have always found Earnie really easy to use I have tailored the system to my needs and find this is the one area of my job I don't have to worry about."

Chris Sutton, Bridge Insurance, Nov 2015

"With Earnie IQ we've been able to reduce the day to day admin of our payroll department by half. The speed of processing and range of reports allows us to be more proactive with our Management Information."

Mark Smith, The Collinson Group, Nov 2015

"IRIS products are very user friendly. They understand our language. They know what we want and show us how to get it. As with anything there are a few things that don’t go so smoothly but we always work them out."

Anne Skidmore, The Jacey Practice, Apr 2015

"When I joined the practice, the payroll was calculated manually which was both time consuming and open to inaccuracies. It seemed obvious that we needed to implement a specialised payroll system and this is where my contacts with other Practice Managers was extremely useful. They recommended IRIS GP Payroll and the fact that it had been developed by a GP was a crucial factor in our decision to install it."

Gwyn Jones, Risca Surgery, Apr 2015

"IRIS has just got it right. I didn’t come from an accounts background but I found IRIS GP Payroll very easy to pick up and run with. In a day I had learnt what I needed to be able to operate it. The software is so simple – an idiot’s guide to a payroll really. It is just amazing. Everything is very self explanatory which means you can do what you need to do quickly and efficiently."

Marian Williams, The Albertville Surgery, Apr 2015

"As a large hotel chain we have a lot of different pay rates and being able to import this information directly from our rota system saves me time each month. There are also a lot of staff fluctuations and Earnie IQ allows me to batch process P45s - another big time saver. I would have no hesitation recommending Earnie to other hotels – the support is always very helpful and I have the flexibility to get the information I need quickly and easily."

Q Hotels, Apr 2015

"It makes my job easier to have an intuitive, easy-to-use system. Things such as being able to produce a journal file which feeds directly into our Navision accounts package helps save me time and ensure data is accurate. Getting the information into Earnie IQ is very straightforward. Managers of each park send me an Excel spreadsheet with details of items such as hours worked and I simply upload this."

Hoburne Holiday Homes, Apr 2015

"I expected to find moving to a new payroll system quite stressful but the transition has been very smooth. Earnie is so easy-to-use that I know we had made the right decision selecting it. One of the key benefits has been the amount of time we have saved. Not only can we link Earnie directly to our DMS system but I save about 15 minutes per record on things such as processing leavers"

Shaun Moody, Adams Morey, Apr 2015

"EARNIE is very flexible and can handle whatever pay rates and bonuses are required – we need to use a multitude of different calculations and EARNIE handles them all"

Lisa Andrews, Birchwood Group, Apr 2015

"Getting the information into EARNIE IQ is very straightforward. Managers of each park send me an Excel spreadsheet with details of items such as hours worked and I simply upload this into Timesheet Central which is then transferred directly to EARNIE IQ."

Dean Simpson, Greenhalghs Bakery, Apr 2015

"We haven’t looked at moving to another system as Earnie is very easy to use and meets our payroll needs. We use Sun Accounts and being able to export the journal file from Earnie to Sun is extremely efficient. It saves us lots of time and we don’t have to worry about errors being made when re-keying the information"

Sue Tazey, Portland College, Apr 2015

"The link to accounts was crucial when selecting Earnie – our information is extremely detailed with numerous cost centres involved and being able to transfer the information between systems saves us at least a couple of days a month in processing time"

Jacky Wesley, The Scout Association, Apr 2015

"In my eighteen years in payroll I have never had a reporting tool that is as quick and easy to use as the one provided with the software – it couldn’t be simpler to use. Not only that, reports can be printed, exported to Excel or turned into a PDF...what more could you ask for?"

Phillip Wells, Wirral Autistic Society, Apr 2015

"We previously used Sage Payroll but found this much too complicated. Processing the payroll took between two and three hours using Sage and just one hour using Earnie so we saw significant benefits straightaway. Transferring the data from Sage into Earnie was very easy and we were up and running straight-away"

Michael Wallbridge, Uniqlo, Apr 2015

"We have recently recommended NEST to a couple of clients who already use IRIS payroll software, as the data output taken from payroll can be easily transferred into NEST. Certain other payroll providers are quoting up to 25 week turnarounds for creating custom reports and this simply does not fit into the time-frame of many of our clients."

Jon Goodwin, Weird Fish, Apr 2015

"The initial transition went incredibly smoothly. I think this is largely down to the great team up in Stockton-on-Tees. They are so well organised and incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to running payroll."

Jane Freire, JMF Financial Services, Apr 2015

"Since introducing IRIS OpenPayslips we have saved so much time! I think IRIS OpenPayslips is a brilliant idea. It reduces waste and saves time and it’s so easy, it just works!"

Annette Canbas, A M Nomikos, Apr 2015

"Since introducing IRIS OpenPayslips we have saved so much time! Distributing our payslips used to be quite a time consuming task. We would have to distribute them around the office, or post them out to employees working from home or in the field. Now it is all done digitally and our employees can check their payslips from anywhere! I think IRIS OpenPayslips is a brilliant idea. It reduces waste and saves time and it’s so easy, it just works!"

Vicki French, ACT Conferencing, Apr 2015

"When we staged we went with a middleware solution to run our auto enrolment assessment and communications as it was free of charge. However, when we learnt that in a year or two there was a significant cost to continue to use the service, we reviewed our options. When comparing the middleware solution with the IRIS AE Suite™, it made perfect sense to move to the integrated and less expensive IRIS solution. I would recommend that anyone using middleware take a second look at the IRIS AE Suite™ as there are no surprise costs. In addition to this, it seamlessly integrates with your payroll to ensure that assessment and communications are simple and quick."

Janine Stone, Henshaw's Society for Blind People, Mar 2015

"I can easily upload the Cascade export file each month, and it contains all the basic data for staff, along with salary, weekly hours and bank details. As we have lots of new starters through the year, this saves me a significant amount of time and I don’t have to worry about errors when keying in the information. Ultimately, with Earnie and Cascade, everything works. With auto enrolment, for example, the software automatically assesses and re-assess the eligibility of employees so I know who needs to be automatically enrolled. I don’t have to worry about changing legislation because I know we’ll be covered."

Carole Tyson, YMCA, Mar 2015

"EARNIE is very flexible and can handle whatever pay rates and bonuses are required – we need to use a multitude of different calculations and EARNIE handles them all."

Louise Strange, Chemtura, Mar 2015

"IRIS are always at the forefront of legislation changes which I think is unique of them compared to other payroll providers."

Margaret Millar, Expro, Mar 2015

"The IRIS AE Suite™ also saves us a lot of time on a recurring basis (around three-and-a-half days per payroll period), especially in three years when our employees will need to be re-enrolled into the pension scheme. The IRIS AE Suite™ is such an easy to use package, I would definitely recommend it to anyone – it saves us so much time to run."

Anita Billing, Massey Wilcox, Jan 2015

"The accounts production update is AMAZING! Interactive reports! Wow!"

Kelly Anstee, Tyrrell & Company, Oct 2014

"Starting to get to grips with paperless accounts files and thoroughly enjoying IRIS OpenAudit!"

Carly Oxenden, Wagstaffs, Sep 2014

"We use IRIS comprehensively in our practice and have been a customer for 25 years! We find that it's a progressive company which provides many solutions for our practice needs. The IRIS team are great to work with."

Atul Kothari, RBS Accountants, Apr 2014

"I've got to say you have excelled yourselves with IRIS OpenTax and IRIS OpenSpace. Brilliant pieces of kit!"

Heather Miller, AbleTax Compliance Services Ltd, Mar 2014

"All your staff technically highly trained and their response to a query is resolved immediately. Please keep up the good work."

Terry Pitamber, Pam & Co, Dec 2013

"By far the best product on the market."

Wendy Woodward, Cox & Co, Dec 2013

"I have been very happy with the way that IRIS have improved their products throughout the years, which is very encouraging to small businesses, and you know that help is always available when you contact IRIS. and I would have no hesitation in recommendation IRIS to anyone."

Jean Millar, GD McFall Limited, Dec 2013

"I find IRIS so intuitive. I have been using it for 3 years and each time the update arrives I get excited about the improvements they have made, which makes my job so much easier."

Sally Hatton, Danton Partners Ltd, Dec 2013

"I have been a customer of IRIS for more than 20 years during which time I have been more than happy to promote IRIS, and after 20 years plus as a client I think that speaks for itself."

Riz Hussain, D'arcy Howard & Co, Dec 2013

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