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"What I love about IRIS the most is the structure to it. I love the fact that Accounts Production is very easy to review from a partner perspective, you can’t break it, the trial balance either balances or it doesn’t, and you can review it very easily. I love that the different modules talk seamlessly to each other. For example, Accounts Production talks to Business Tax, you don’t have to save something externally outside of the IRIS suite. The iXBRL accounts rather than saving those externally, you can just push a button and it finds it, it just works, and that creates efficiencies for us. We recognised from the start that there was a financial sacrifice to get the best product to use outright, but the time save saving is significant, and the flow is seamless, we’ve continued with that belief, and continued to work with IRIS to grow our business"

Matthew & Emma Howe, Wilson Howe Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors , Nov 2018

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