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These are just some of the great comments we've received from our customers. You can add yours too - just send us your details.

"I have been using IRIS for over 10 years, and KashFlow since 2015. We find both systems easy, simple and intuitive to use. IRIS guides you quite a lot when you’re entering information so if you’re a new member of staff, it’s quite easy to follow to get trial balances correct. We’ve brought more people onto KashFlow in the past few years. We find the bank accounts easy to map in, and it saves us about 25% on time over the year for completing our clients VAT records. We’re able to access and view the updates in information in real time, allowing us to be proactive in our advice to clients. We can pull the reports we need in-year, and help clients plan if their gross profit is down or if they can take an in-year dividend etc. This has resulted in stronger client relationships, as we’re able to be more personable with our clients, which is important to us and our business as we’re based in the countryside where everyone knows everyone."

Colin French, Hart Parry Cyf, Nov 2018

"Ben was very helpful. He made sure he knew what I wanted from the session and covered these points during the session. He was very understanding with the lack of knowledge of Kashflow and was very keen to ensure he focused the session on client specific issues. The session was extremely useful and Ben was certainly very good and had a in depth knowledge of the system. Many thanks for your time Ben. "

Sarah Bell, Marrs Benson, Jan 2017

"One of the main decisions towards moving to Kashflow was the integration it provides with the IRIS accounts production suite. Over the last few months, what we’ve found is an approximate 60% saving on accounts preparation time. This can be solely attributed to IRIS’ import facility and ability to interactively drill-down into individual Kashflow nominal codes. I’ve been very impressed with this time saving facility and I hope Kashflow continues to work in partnership to create further links between the two pieces of software "

Ben Burrows, Liberty Bishop, Jul 2016

"In one year of using KashFlow we have secured an extra £90k of fees which over 10 years translates to £900k. The result of using this software is that the clients have us overseeing their day to day books something in the past we could not do due to the cost. It really can turn you in to a 'one stop accountant'. The KashFlow software provides security for the client and allows us to deal with accounting problems that much more easily and ensure that problems do not get out of hand ..it is the preferred route for business accounting ......and really is the future. "

Stephen Rochester FCA, Rochesters Audit Services Ltd, Jun 2016

"In the past, I have run a large bookkeeping and payroll bureau service where we did all the record keeping and payroll for our clients. It worked but was fraught with risk, hassle; the regime of deadlines, VAT and PAYE fines we have all become accustomed to from HMRC simply put all the pressure on me and my team. Kashflow has allowed me to pass the responsibility back to the client, which is where it should be, but only if we show them how to do it properly with the right support tailored for their business. "

Kevin Whitehouse, Prime Entry, Feb 2016

"I love that KashFlow is in the cloud, that’s a real big advantage to me because it means that I can work [on payroll] at home or I can work on payroll here, any of the [employees] others can work on it and we can do things simultaneously as well from any location which for small businesses is very useful."

Sarah Pettigrew, Bray's Cottage, Nov 2015

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