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"I’ve used IRIS ever since Self-Assessment arrived in 1995 but when IRIS OpenSpace came along with its in-built client approval mechanism, it made my practice life a great deal easier. I don’t use a secretary (but already used Auto Mail for my tax and accounts client letters). Pre OpenSpace, this still left a lot of work to do to send someone their documents – and receive their approval. I started using OpenSpace back in 2016 and this has made sending documents faster, simpler and avoids the problem of sending everything by way of email attachments, which not everyone could open on their phone or tablet device. With the arrival of GDPR, I felt the security side of things was already taken care of as far as transmission of my practice documents were concerned. The new ‘Bundling’ feature is brilliant; so much better than sending multiple emails to a client with separate documents. They now receive just one email with one full set of all documents so they can scroll through it all together – and then just hit the Approval ‘thumbs up’ icon. Job done! There is no way that I would now want to do without OpenSpace nor do what I do without it. "

Noel Flanagan, Tax Advice & Solutions Ltd, Nov 2018

"We decided to make the move to using OpenSpace two years ago and have found the facility a great tool in helping us turn jobs around more quickly at the completion stage and it has also helped us to massively reduce our stationery and postage costs. We now have more than half our clients using OpenSpace for approval of accounts and tax returns and for sending them invoices correspondence. We are continually trying to encourage more clients to use it and like the fact that the platform is being routinely updated and improved."

Neil R Whittingham, NR Barton Chartered Accountants , Nov 2018

"We introduced OpenSpace to the practice about 2 years ago and it has been one of the best decisions that we have made. It takes a bit of time to get clients ‘on board’ with the process as surprise surprise they don’t like change but once they have seen the benefits most love it. To date we have had over 800 documents approved using the system at all hours of the day and night meaning both the practice and our clients can engage in the process whenever the time is right for them. The system is particularly beneficial during the tax return season when previously we would waste numerous hours of productive time dealing with postage issues and getting clients to physically sign documents. Now that time can be spent much more productively thus increasing our chargeable time. If you do one thing for your practice this year get OpenSpace on board especially when it is free!"

Simon Murrison, Murrison & Wilson Limited, Feb 2016

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