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"I have been using IRIS for over 10 years, and KashFlow since 2015. We find both systems easy, simple and intuitive to use. IRIS guides you quite a lot when you’re entering information so if you’re a new member of staff, it’s quite easy to follow to get trial balances correct. We’ve brought more people onto KashFlow in the past few years. We find the bank accounts easy to map in, and it saves us about 25% on time over the year for completing our clients VAT records. We’re able to access and view the updates in information in real time, allowing us to be proactive in our advice to clients. We can pull the reports we need in-year, and help clients plan if their gross profit is down or if they can take an in-year dividend etc. This has resulted in stronger client relationships, as we’re able to be more personable with our clients, which is important to us and our business as we’re based in the countryside where everyone knows everyone."

Colin French, Hart Parry Cyf, Nov 2018

"Every year, we need help with technical updates. It's a bit tricky for us. This year Adam Andrade & Paul Jeffries have come to our rescue. As always the quality of service has been top. Well done & thank you to all concerned."

Joe & Hasmukh Vara, Baycona Ltd, May 2017

"The calm, concise and professional manner with which you dealt with this was greatly appreciated, and I just wanted to let you know how much that really helped things run more smoothly at my end. "

Chelsea Connolly, RJP Accountants & Tax Advisors, Dec 2016

"We introduced OpenSpace to the practice about 2 years ago and it has been one of the best decisions that we have made. It takes a bit of time to get clients ‘on board’ with the process as surprise surprise they don’t like change but once they have seen the benefits most love it. To date we have had over 800 documents approved using the system at all hours of the day and night meaning both the practice and our clients can engage in the process whenever the time is right for them. The system is particularly beneficial during the tax return season when previously we would waste numerous hours of productive time dealing with postage issues and getting clients to physically sign documents. Now that time can be spent much more productively thus increasing our chargeable time. If you do one thing for your practice this year get OpenSpace on board especially when it is free!"

Simon Murrison, Murrison & Wilson Limited, Feb 2016

"We are just starting our third year using IRIS OpenAudit. The system is easy to use and logical which has reduced time spent in planning audits and updating permanent audit files whilst also increasing the quality of the files. IRIS OpenAudit has been an essential tool in reducing audit lead times as reviews can take place whilst we are still doing fieldwork, allowing us to reduce review time and eliminate follow up work. Any issues we had when getting started were dealt with quickly and efficiently by the IRIS OpenAudit team. As a firm, we have no hesitation in highly recommending this service to anyone who is thinking of changing their audit program."

David Bezant, Buckler Spencer Limited, Jun 2015

"Starting to get to grips with paperless accounts files and thoroughly enjoying IRIS OpenAudit!"

Carly Oxenden, Wagstaffs, Sep 2014

"We use IRIS comprehensively in our practice and have been a customer for 25 years! We find that it's a progressive company which provides many solutions for our practice needs. The IRIS team are great to work with."

Atul Kothari, RBS Accountants, Apr 2014

"All your staff technically highly trained and their response to a query is resolved immediately. Please keep up the good work."

Terry Pitamber, Pam & Co, Dec 2013

"By far the best product on the market."

Wendy Woodward, Cox & Co, Dec 2013

"I find IRIS so intuitive. I have been using it for 3 years and each time the update arrives I get excited about the improvements they have made, which makes my job so much easier."

Sally Hatton, Danton Partners Ltd, Dec 2013

"I have been a customer of IRIS for more than 20 years during which time I have been more than happy to promote IRIS, and after 20 years plus as a client I think that speaks for itself."

Riz Hussain, D'arcy Howard & Co, Dec 2013

"We chose a challenging time to migrate. We were just going into the busy season and needed to get up to speed very quickly. Fortunately, the software was very easy to learn and the day’s training we had from IRIS was very helpful. In fact, it’s a testament to just how good IRIS is that we were able to pick up and run with it under such pressure. We also had assistance from IRIS during the migration. There was always someone we could ask for help."

Elizabeth Coeshall, Jaynes & Co, Nov 2013

"It's the engine of my practice and I just couldn't operate in the efficient way I do without it."

Ashley Knight, 80K Ltd, Aug 2013

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