12 Days of IRIS Christmas: “On the 1st day of Christmas, a client brought to me…

By Adam Deakin | 5th December 2016 | 16 min read

...a shoebox full of receipts."

Sound familiar?

For many accountants, being handed a physical pile of receipts from clients continues to be standard procedure – indeed, over half of UK businesses don’t use any kind of accounting software to do their bookkeeping at all.

When you take into account the fact that HMRC’s Making Tax Digital initiative begins rolling out in under 18 months, this figure seems worryingly high; SMEs need to embrace this digital change sooner rather than later.

Case Study: Claus Industries

Take Santa. Here’s a CEO responsible for order processing, manufacturing, packaging and delivery all rolled into one, with an operation that dates back to centuries before Amazon muscled in on his territory. And let’s not forget the size of his workforce (in numbers, not height).

As soon as cloud bookkeeping came on the scene, St. Nick was all over it. Purchases, invoices, suppliers, payroll (elves need auto-enrolling too), payments, bank feeds… It had everything he needed to simplify his entire business, but he was at a loss as to where to start. Enter, Red Nose & Associates Chartered Accountants.

Using a free online bookkeeping tool such as KashFlow Connect for accountants, Santa’s money man at Red Nose was able to train Santa (and Mrs. Claus) up on KashFlow’s web-based software in no time using its complementary training materials.

He also made full use of the brandable marketing package that comes with KashFlow Connect as standard – enabling him to label the user portal with Red Nose’s own insignia. So whenever one of the Clauses logs-in to enter an order, or log a picture of a receipt, etc., they see ‘Red Nose & Associates’ front and centre.

KashFlow makes running Claus Industries a cinch, and with WiFi being so globally prevalent, Santa can even access his KashFlow account to take orders mid-flight on Christmas Eve (catering to all those last minute do-gooders).

"If it wasn't for IRIS Software, Christmas probably wouldn't exist."

- S. Claus, CEO @ Claus Industries

All I Want For Christmas Is Cloud

 It’s imperative that you start nurturing your non-cloud clients into the cloud to prepare them for the ‘digital-first’ age now. Fortunately, IRIS has been mobilising for this eventuality for a long time, and offers everything you’ll need to bring them on-board, even if they happen to be centuries-old mythological characters.

The IRIS KashFlow solution simplifies bookkeeping, invoicing and keeping track of accounts, integrating seamlessly into IRIS Accounts Production and allowing you to become a business advisor to your clients, should you wish, as opposed to just a number cruncher.

Go to KashFlow Connect now and see why this free tool is proving so valuable to accountants just like you

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like KashFlow

 KashFlow Connect also provides accountants with:

  • More control, no matter their location. Easily manage and organise client information directly from the IRIS KashFlow Connect dashboard, all that’s needed is an internet connection.
  • New levels of productivity. Integration with IRIS Accounts Production means accountants can achieve better levels of productivity, with the information clients feed into KashFlow automatically updated within their IRIS software.
  • Practice growth. Better productivity also helps Partners grow their practices by freeing up additional time to dedicate to a growing client base.
  • An entry in our Partner Directory. Thousands of businesses use the KashFlow Partner Directory to search for an accountant and a listing in the directory comes as standard.
  • Dedicated Partner support. Dedicated telephone support just for accountants, including 24/7 access to our online Knowledge Base and email support for clients.

All of this combines to form a cloud bookkeeping package that is comprehensively MTD-ready, and built to adapt to whatever the digital revolution throws at you next.

Start your free KashFlow Connect trial today


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