Creating a branded journey for your clients in 10 steps

By Sam Thomas | 23rd March 2016 | 14 min read


The branded client journey brings a new way of thinking for accountancy practices who want to change the way that they interact with their clients. We recently published a free-to-download 19-page guide on how to create a branded client journey in 10 easy to follow steps.

By creating a branded process for your clients, you’re helping to ensure that your corporate brand strategy is streamlined and consistent, as clients can be directed from your own website, to IRIS OpenSpace without noticing a difference in brand. As IRIS OpenSpace is consistent with your own branding, it instantly creates an element of trust with your clients, as they know that they’re accessing stored documents on a service which is associated with your practice, rather than a third party site.

The 10 steps to follow are:

1. Update your website

2. The KashFlow Partner Directory

A prospective client will search for a new accountant typically online or by word of mouth. Either way, the first contact they will have with your practice will be your website or online profile, first impressions count so it’s important that the branded client journey begins here.

3. Branded online enquiry forms

4. Branded online portals

Once a prospective client has shown an interest in your practice, you would now begin to engage with them as efficiently as possible, whilst still maintaining a strong brand image.

5. Utilise IRIS OpenSpace

6. KashFlow Bookkeeping

A prospective client has become your newest client, so now it’s time to provide the tools they will need to work with you. Present your client with a fully branded online portal where you can upload, view and share documents; along with a fully branded bookkeeping system into which you can enter their accounts information and control and manage their finances in real-time.

7. KashFlow Connect

8. Predict, solve, report

At stages 7 and 8, you reiterate the value of your service by offering a fully branded management report pack to your client’s online portal for them to download.

9. Grow your social media presence

10. The future

Describe your dream client. Sends information quickly? Always accurate? Friendly? How about your best source of business? Turn your client into a Referrer. Share the branded client journey outside your client base and grow your digital presence

Each of the 10 steps is expanded upon in more detail across the 19-page guide. The guide highlights how each step can help you create a branded client journey, and what the prospective benefits are to your practice; along with tips and what to consider when planning each section.

IRIS offers accountants a new way to collaborate and interact with their clients, through IRIS OpenSpace. Here you can brand your own secure, online portal through which you can share documents through a fully branded portal featuring your brand colours and logo. The system allows you to upload, store and approve documents online through the cloud, whilst offering high-level security for peace of mind. IRIS OpenSpace can be fully integrated with the IRIS Accountancy Suite and IRIS Payroll Solutions; and accountants can claim 1GB of storage absolutely free. Visit our IRIS OpenSpace page to see more features of the package and create your new account.

Be sure to download your free 19-page guide, titled, “10 Steps to Creating a Branded Client Journey” today.

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