Four free auto enrolment fact sheets for your accountancy practice

By Sam Thomas | 10th February 2016 | 13 min read

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During this time of year, as we approach the financial year end, people will be as busy as ever in their work lives. Accountancy practices are no different; only days after the deadline for self-assessment tax returns, accountants up and down the country are preparing for the end of the financial year.

We’ve put together a handy accountancy kitbag which is completely free to download and full of helpful information regarding auto enrolment to help make auto enrolment part of your business strategy.

The kitbag contains a range of useful content to help you access key information quickly and easily, all in one place. Amongst other things, the kitbag contains a range of four helpful infographics (fact sheets) to help get information and figures, at a snapshot, quickly and easily; instead of searching online.

The free infographics cover the following subjects:

1. Business enrolment survey results

In July 2015, IRIS conducted a survey of over 300 SMEs, looking into how prepared they were for auto enrolment. This infographic contains key highlights of the research at a snapshot.








2. Auto enrolment: the key facts

This infographic presents some of the key facts and figures at a snapshot to help you get workplace pension reform information quickly and easily.






3. The Pension Regulator’s guide for advisors and accountants

A quick and easy calendar-style infographic showing when your clients should be doing what before their staging date with regards to auto enrolment.







4. What makes electronic payslips the future?

Facts and figures behind the development of the IRIS OpenPayslips software package, and why we believe electronic payslips are the future for payroll. IRIS OpenPayslips has been developed with auto enrolment in mind, and as such, can help your clients manage their auto enrolment communications in a more streamlined way, quickly and through the cloud.




You can use these helpful infographics to communicate the key facts around auto enrolment; they could be for your reference or for you to share with your clients.

Download your free kitbag