Introducing – The Free IRIS Auto Enrolment Accountancy Kit Bag!

By Louise Mulgrew | 20th March 2015 | 14 min read

Accountants auto enrolment kit bag

The IRIS Auto Enrolment Accountancy Kit Bag is a resource that has been set up in order to help you sell auto enrolment services to your clients. It provides many different elements such as case studies and testimonial videos in order to help educate people about the workplace pension reform.

Auto enrolment has been extremely difficult to implement from the perspective of just about everyone. Even as a payroll provider, we were hit with an intimidating chunk of legislation and pretty much told to "get on with it".

So as you can imagine, it was pretty hard going for us and we understand that it was also pretty hard going for you. Now take a moment to think about how hard it could be for those who aren't payroll professionals or accountants. We are talking of course, about your clients!

The workplace pensions legislation affects every business in the UK and it is approaching the respective auto enrolment D-Days for many a small business. This means that, as their accountant, you will be expected to know the answer to the (inevitable) plethora of questions that will be fired your way. 

And not only this, you will also be expected to provide the solution to your client's needs (although some of them may not know it yet).

Enter: IRIS Auto Enrolment Accountancy Kit Bag!

The idea behind introducing a platform of resources for accountants to use to help sell auto enrolment solutions to their clients was born from many of our own accountancy customers asking if we could provide resources to them that would help to educate their clients about the workplace pension reform.

From this, we realised that it would be extremely beneficial to accountants to have a place where that they could visit that would hold different elements that will help them to promote auto enrolment services.

The IRIS Auto Enrolment Accountancy Kit Bag includes:

  • The latest auto enrolment webinars
  • Information guides
  • Product sheets
  • Our latest newsletters
  • Joint branded documents (You can add your own logo and share the document with your clients)
  • Examples of pension communication letters
  • A list of auto enrolment related case studies
  • Testimonial videos from current IRIS AE Suite™ users

Selling auto enrolment to your clients has never been easier. When they look to you for answers to what the legislation means for them and how you are going to deal with it for them, you will have all of the answers (and, you will be able to charge them for it, too!).

So, access the IRIS Accountancy Kit Bag completely free and start taking advantage of the multitude of IRIS experience and information.

Access the Kit Bag