IRIS World is ONE WEEK away!

By Sam Thomas | 13th September 2016 | 14 min read

Have you secured your free ticket to the UK’s leading conference for accountants?

There’s still time to do so - but hurry, as they’re in short supply and our first event kicks off next Tuesday, 20th September at Twickenham Stadium.

As in previous years, we’ll have a number of workshops to attend on the day. There will be three groups of three, with each group’s workshops running simultaneously, meaning you’ll have to choose which you’d like to attend in advance. 

To help you decide, here’s what each session entails:

Group 1 - Choose one of the following three options 

1.A: 15 Steps to Peak Performance

With IRIS users saving an average of 22 hrs per person, per month, we’ll be demonstrating how your practice could make similar savings by adopting a Marginal Gains philosophy and combining it with market-leading IRIS technology.

1.B: Scaling Your Business for Practice Growth

Most practices have designs to become bigger and better, but constant growth has to be managed and prepared for carefully. Discover how proper planning and resource management can ensure your practice scales successfully with your client portfolio.

1.C: Preparing Your Clients for the New Digital Regime

HMRC’s ‘Making Tax Digital’ initiative looms large over the accounting landscape and is a key topic at this year’s IRIS World. Hear how best to ready your clients ahead of the mandate whilst also retaining control of their books.

Group 2 - Choose one of the following three options 

2.A: Streamlining Payroll Processing for AE

Auto Enrolment should now be on the radar of every employer in the UK. The Pensions Regulator describes AE as an 8-step process within your practice; learn how you can streamline the procedure into 3 simple steps with IRIS.

2.B: Digital Compliance with IRIS

One of the government’s major themes for UK business revolves around companies becoming ‘digital by default’. We’ll be explaining what exactly this means and how digital compliance with IRIS can future-proof both your practice and your clients’ businesses.

2.C: Evading Evasion: Lessons from the Panama Papers

It was impossible to avoid reading about the Panama Papers scandal and the ensuing global fallout earlier this year. Ensure your practice’s compliance and protection ahead of an increasing government focus on anti-money laundering processes. 

Group 3 - Choose one of the following three options

3.A: Brand Power through Online Presence

Everybody wants to stand out from the crowd in a busy marketplace. Let us show you how to place your brand in front of your customers at every touchpoint and discover how IRIS can power a positive perception of your firm.

3.B: Inside Digital Documentation

By following our simple 4-step plan, you can create an efficient and innovative paperless office. Find out how to remove time-consuming manual processes and prepare your practice for the digital age with IRIS. 

3.C: Empowering Your Clients

We’ll be exploring the many benefits a modern digital accounting package presents for your clients and looking at how you can both mutually benefit from a fortified client-accountant relationship. 

Of course, these workshops make up just a small part of IRIS World, and the full agenda is packed with unmissable features and VIP speakers, all of which make it the UK’s leading event for accountants in practice.