KashFlow Connect: New and improved!

By Manj Devgon | 21st September 2016 | 13 min read

The latest KashFlow Connect release has arrived...

The update contains a host of exciting new features with a focus on giving you greater control over your client’s bookkeeping, and also includes enhancements to the integration between KashFlow Connect and IRIS Accounts Production.

Firstly, this release adds the IRIS Chart of Accounts to the default nominal options, meaning you can now apply the default nominal set for IRIS Sole Trader/Partnership and IRIS Limited Company to new clients created in KashFlow Connect. Click here to find out more.

We’ve also added new settings for whenever you create a new client within the app:

  • You can now specify the Accounting Periods for your client via their KashFlow account – allowing you greater control over your client’s accounts. Click here to find out more.
  • You can also now specify your client’s Business Type – if using the IRIS Chart of Accounts as the default nominal, the Business Type also provides a specialist KashFlow Chart of Accounts, tailored for Sole Traders/Partnerships and Limited Companies:

And that’s not all…

The following enhancements give you even more control over your client’s accounts, offering noticeable time-savings and improved efficiencies:

  • When making a change to an account in the default nominal list, the change can be cascaded to all clients who are using that chart – the system will display the clients affected before the change is confirmed.
  • You now have the ability to lock a client’s Chart of Accounts – preventing the client from making any changes.

Additionally, we’ve enhanced our KashFlow Connect and IRIS Accounts Production integration.

Having to duplicate information in two different applications leaves figures open to error, as well as being an unnecessarily time-consuming process. That’s why seamless integration is so important, and we feel we’ve achieved that.

Now, once a client’s accounts have been imported into IRIS Accounts Production, changes made to the nominal accounts will automatically cascade back to the accounts in KashFlow.