New enhancements in Winter Release

By Manj Devgon | 11th December 2014 | 12 min read

Two new feature enhancements you’ll want to know about

We’ve introducing two powerful new feature enhancements to our cloud bookkeeping and payroll solutions! Today’s KashFlow winter release will make bookkeeping, accounting and payroll processes for SMEs even easier. For accountants, the release enhances client collaboration, ensures compliance and improves productivity.

1. Magic Bank Reconciliation speeds up the KashFlow reconciliation process by automatically calculating the target balance, and flagging transactions already imported into KashFlow as pre-reconciled. All Accountants need to do is review, approve or amend the pre-ticked transactions before completing the reconciliation for their clients, saving them time and adding additional value to their client relationship.

2. Automatic Bank Feeds is a feature that includes auto-matching rules that suggest the best matches for these transactions among existing invoices and purchases recorded in KashFlow. Users can also set their own rules to automatically create invoices, purchases and transactions direct from their bank feed. This also saves Accountants time on a month-by-month basis.

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