Will your accountancy practice profit from auto enrolment?

By Sam Thomas | 13th April 2016 | 14 min read

Smaller businesses who have yet to stage for auto enrolment will be looking for advice from trusted sources. Recent research from The Pensions Regulator shows that the average businesses is paying £440 for advice on the workplace pension reforms and help with getting ready for                                                                                        auto enrolment.

Auto enrolment is in full swing, with 100,000 businesses having staged since October 2012, and a further 570,000 set to stage over the next 12 months, but will your practice benefit from this huge opportunity?

We’ve recently published a free 13-page guide into the IRIS Auto Enrolment Accountancy Kit Bag which centres on the '7 tips for auto enrolment from companies who have already staged'. This guide is specifically aimed at your smaller clients with under 50 employees who may currently be preparing for their staging date. Amongst the recommendations, the businesses who’ve staged recommend “preparing as early as possible”, “complying with the legislation” and not simply ignoring it; and also, “work with trusted advisors to prepare for auto enrolment”.

Your practice is presented with a great opportunity to make auto enrolment a key part of your business strategy, we know compliance is mandatory and there is a huge amount of businesses yet to reach their staging date, so make auto enrolment part of your strategy and see the benefits it can bring.

Here at IRIS, we’re passionate about helping businesses of all sizes prepare and manage auto enrolment as easily as possible. For accountants, we’ve created the IRIS Auto Enrolment Accountancy Kit Bag which is completely free to download, and is full of great content which you can use and share with clients to provide your auto enrolment service.

The Auto Enrolment Accountancy Kit Bag is updated every month with brand new content and the guide ‘7 tips for auto enrolment for companies who have already staged’ is just the latest addition

Additionally, the Kit Bag contains many other guides we’ve written, our popular payroll factcard for 2016/17, exclusive content from The Pensions Regulator, access to pre-recorded product webinars, and much, much more.

You can download the Kit Bag completely free using the button below.

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