Would you benefit from streamlined payroll processes?

By Sam Thomas | 14th July 2016 | 13 min read

Whilst employees count down the days to payday with anticipation, the specter of a looming payday can have quite the opposite effect for the payroll team. The payday process can be a time consuming and frustrating process, where getting paid themselves can seem like little reward for the task.

More than half of small businesses spend 5 days per month on their payroll - this adds up to 60 days in a year, two months of just payroll. It is imperative that payroll isn't rushed as any mistakes can lead to overtime being missed off, employees not being paid correctly or pensions being miscalculated and leading to fines or very angry employees.

Importing your payroll data can be time consuming and human error can lead to costly mistakes. Overtime, bonuses and wages that can increase or decrease every pay period can be enough to overwhelm the most experienced payroll manager. How can you save time on your payroll, make it more efficient and save the payroll team from pulling their hair out every pay period?

So what is the answer? IRIS Payroll Professional, Earnie Business and Earnie Executive customers can benefit from Spreadsheet Import from IRIS Software, an easy way to streamline their payroll. This means they can quickly import their data directly into the payroll run which saves them time and improves data accuracy. They can set up templates containing the exact information required then either link to a Microsoft Excel spreadseet or manually enter the data.

Click on this link to find out more about the IRIS Software Spreadsheet Import module or call 0344 815 5676 to speak to one of our payroll experts and book a free one to one demonstration.

Finally - what would you do with the 2 months in a year you could save with streamlined payroll processes?

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