James Nadal
1 minute length
Posted: 4th November 2019

How to achieve your paperless office goals

Get your desk back in order with our IRIS HR Forms Module.

When it comes to employee surveys and Back to Work assessments, our online Forms Module ensures that you get the records you need without ending up with mountains of paper overshadowing your desk.

It’s never easy to gather information from your workforce, no matter how many employees you have!

When it comes to paper forms, getting them filled in can be a nightmare – and getting them back can be even more traumatic. Which is why we built our Forms Module to go along with our cloud based IRIS HR software.

It enables you to build customised forms within IRIS HR, and deliver them to the relevant staff with prompts to fill them in. Once they’ve done it, it comes straight back to you, and you can store it within the system.

Whether it’s compliance driven data collection, such as Back to Work assessments or sickness and absence forms, or an annual survey asking your team to rate this year’s Secret Santa – you can gather the information you need without having to do several laps of the office and chase up the non-responders.

To discover more about our IRIS HR Forms Module, take a look at our video.