Sam Thomas
2 minutes length
Posted: 1st February 2017

How To Get Your Business HR Efficient in 2017

Whilst HR may not be your biggest concern if you run a small business, you should be considering it. We’ll help you get HR efficient for the year ahead.

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Running a small business can be incredibly tough, and whilst you’re focusing on cash flow, recruitment, sales and more, HR may not be at the top of your agenda. However, you may not realise that many of the tasks you perform as part of your daily routine are human resources-related. Things such as recruitment, training and employee performance management are all key HR tasks, so are you doing these as efficiently as possible?

HR is vast and made up of so many areas of business that you’ll no doubt find yourself doing some HR tasks throughout your day. Common HR tasks include:

  • Hiring (and firing)
  • Performance management, reviews and appraisals
  • Employee development, motivation, and training
  • Safety and wellness
  • Rewards and benefits
  • Communication between employees

To help you get HR efficient, we’ve partnered with Consilia Legal to bring you a brand new webinar, ‘5 Ways for Effective HR in 2017’.

The 30-minute webinar is co-hosted by Marie Walsh, a Director and Employment Solicitor at Consilia Legal with over 13 years’ experience with HR legislation. Marie acts predominantly on behalf of businesses and senior executives and helps both small and micro-sized businesses and multi-national organisations.

The webinar covers the following five points:

  1. When to issue a contract of employment
  2. Adverse weather and how it can affect your business and staff
  3. Sickness during winter
  4. Holiday bookings
  5. Using good HR software

Additionally, Marie’s co-presenter, IRIS Pre-sales Consultant Liam Snape, will also provide a quick live demonstration of IRIS HR, the new self-service HR software from IRIS. IRIS HR enables you to manage your employees more efficiently through online, self-service HR software and delivers the level of quality and reliability that thousands of businesses across the UK have come to expect from IRIS.

Finally, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask both Marie and Liam any questions you may have.

Book your place for the webinar using the button below and join us on Wednesday 8th February at 2pm.

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