Sam Thomas
1 minute length
Posted: 23rd November 2017

Human Resource Management Software Improves Efficiency

We recently sat down with Emma Batchelor, HR & Marketing Executive at Rotronic Instruments to talk about her experience since the organisation implemented IRIS HR.

Rotronic Instruments UK is an international development and manufacturing company that offers humidity and temperature control solutions to businesses. The company office is based in Crawley, West Sussex and they have 16 employees.

Click the link below to find out how Rotronic have been getting on since implementing the new IRIS HR Software back in July 2017. 

Key Points

Saving time with self-service HR software

“Using IRIS HR is definitely a more efficient way of working, it saves us time whilst also making us more thorough when working on our HR duties and compliance”.

Streamlining processes

“With IRIS HR both I and the employee are in control, they can’t miss a holiday, nothing gets lost, it’s just brilliant and easy”.

Staff recommendations

“The staff love how simple IRIS HR is to use and how much control they have with it. IRIS HR saves me time and saves them time too.”

Reducing the manual burden

“We’ve found that introducing IRIS HR has reduced the manual burden of human resources duties”.

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