Tim Cropper-Williams
2 minutes length
Posted: 7th April 2021

The benefits of IRIS Ed:gen MIS for teachers

Teachers are the lifeblood of any school, but their lives are busy. They must balance planning, in-classroom teaching, marking, and reporting. Spinning multiple plates puts pressure on their time and it’s often teachers’ personal time that gets eaten into. 

The IRIS Ed:gen school management system is all about freeing up time. It allows easier communications and makes registrations across the school smoother. Voice-to-text dictation means IRIS Ed:gen transforms report writing, and it also automates communication between teachers, year groups and departments to ensure everybody knows what they need to. Finally, intuitive registration means that when a note is added to one register, it applies to all registers across the day.

Key use examples: 

IRIS Ed:gen isn’t just for leadership. As these examples show, teachers get all sorts of benefits too. 

Talking registers 

IRIS Ed:gen’s intuitive registration and reporting means teachers are presented with information specific to the children in front of them. There’s no time-consuming search for information, as its all available at the touch of a button while the pupil is sat in the classroom. Key info such as medical and attendance is there, as is more personal information like birthdays and vulnerable backgrounds, helping teachers develop a better connection with pupils. 

Putting teachers back in control 

IRIS Ed:gen’s iTeacher app gives teachers the information on the children in their class from their mobile: including registers, timetables, and the ability to communicate with parents. Having data at their fingertips anywhere they go means teachers can take control. Issues can be resolved in school when they happen without the need for time out of class or after school, letting teachers focus on delivering lessons and improving outcomes. 

Voice reporting 

Teachers can take hours to write and file reports. IRIS Ed:gen makes it quick and easy, taking the average report from 1 hour to just 15 minutes. Teachers can do it on their phone, from the sofa or away from school, saving time, effort and sanity. 

The ‘Catch up’ curriculum

Coming out of COVID-19 shutdown, there is huge pressure on schools to implement the ‘catch up curriculum.’ We’re moving away from schools being a place for kids to simply go and be looked after, their development needs to be accelerated. As an innovative, intuitive and time-saving solution, IRIS Ed:gen is already playing its part. 

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