Louise Mulgrew
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Posted: 3rd August 2015

KashFlow Summer Release is now live!

The KashFlow summer release is now live and ready to go and includes updates to make auto enrolment compliance simple for small businesses owners.

The KashFlow summer release now enables KashFlow Payroll to offer an end-to-end auto enrolment solution that makes complying with the legislation simple.

In addition to this, there is also comprehensive online training courses for small business owners that want to learn more about the legislation or how they can utilise the auto enrolment solution with their KashFlow Payroll.

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The complete Auto Enrolment solution in KashFlow Payroll takes care of all elements of Automatic Enrolment, and by using KashFlow Payroll as a bureau, accountants can service their clients’ Automatic Enrolment requirements and unlock efficiencies within their payroll function, including:

  • Multiple integration with individual client KashFlow accounts
  • Automated RTI submissions across all companies
  • Automatic online payslip delivery included within a unique accountants pricing structure

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Find out more from the Cloud Suite Summer Release video below:

Auto enrolment is a burden that will effect every businesses in the UK. With the larger businesses starting their auto enrolment journey toward the end of 2012, it is now getting to the turn of the smaller to medium size business.

Between now and 2018, there is an estimated 1.8million businesses due to meet their auto enrolment responsibilities. This means that the demand on help and resources for auto enrolment will only grow meaning there is a greater importance on choosing a streamlined, efficient auto enrolment solution.