10 reasons to choose payroll for auto enrolment: Question session

By Louise Mulgrew | 21st August 2015 | 5 min read

Yesterday IRIS held a live online seminar on "10 reasons to choose payroll for auto enrolment". Hosted by Mark Paraskeva, CEO of the IRIS SME Division, here are some of the questions raised and their answers.

The webinar took viewers through the ten main reasons that you should be choosing payroll for auto enrolment instead of other, third party processes. 

Some of the main reasons that you should be using payroll to run your auto enrolment process are down to the fact that it is a completely automated process, it can save you a lot of time and money and there is also the automated publishing of pension letters, P60s and payslips.

Here are some of the questions and answers that arose from the webinar:

Q: How much of this will my existing Earnie payroll already do without adding AE Suite?

Mark: What the current payroll will do is actually quite manual, you would have to do all of the auto enrolment yourself and then manually insert the pension contributions. Remember, pensions aren't new in payroll - auto enrolment is. So you can manually input a pension deduction on the right date but this is back to the situation again where you are having to do it all yourself. So to answer your question, all the functionality explained in the webinar today which is assessment running automatically and adding up the qualifying earnings, all the creation of the pension letters, and the production of the pension files you have to add the IRIS AE Suite™ to Earnie. Remember, payroll is payroll and the IRIS AE Suite™ is the IRIS AE Suite™ for your pension and auto enrolment needs.

Q: How is the login and password setup for IRIS OpenPayslips and IRIS OpenEnrol?

Mark: Very simply, if you have any employees, all you do is add their email address to their payroll record and the first time you publish anything for them; they will receive an email inviting them to create a password. You will never manage these passwords and if the employee ever forgets a password, they will follow the "Forgotten Password" links and reset it themselves without your input.

Q: Can we purchase the package 18 months after our staging date or is this only for employers starting auto enrolment? 

Mark: That is a really good question, you absolutely can start using the IRIS AE Suite™ after your staging date if you were late for example or if you were using another system beforehand that was causing you problems. We actually have a lot of customers that do that. I do know that a lot of third-party systems can't do anything unless you start your auto enrolment process with them but that is not the case here. You can start using the IRIS AE Suite™ now but unfortunately we can't retrospectively fix anything for you but from the date that you start using the IRIS AE Suite™ you will be 100% compliant.

Q: What do we actually have to do for auto enrolment? We already have IRIS Software.

Mark: What you will need to do is, if you have any of the IRIS Payroll Software, you need to add the IRIS AE Suite™. So as I mentioned earlier, whether you have any of the IRIS Software Products; you carry on using it as normal, nothing changes with the way that you run your payroll, you just add the IRIS AE Suite™ to run your auto enrolment process. 

Q: Can you start auto enrolment before your staging date?

Mark: Absolutely yes and we recommend that you do. We recommend that you get the IRIS AE Suite™, get trained on it and get the software installed and working. We would recommend that about 6 months before your staging date is a good time to start this. What we also find is that people that set it up before really have quite a smooth time of auto enrolment. Those that leave it late are more likely to have a terrible time with auto enrolment. This is a very complex piece of legislation so starting early is extremely important to ensure that you are fully compliant and you understand what you need to do.

Q: The charges quoted (for the IRIS AE Suite™) are they per payroll run or per month?

Mark: They are absolutely per month, they are not per payroll. So if you have weekly payroll, there is only one charge per month based on the amount of employees that you have processed in that month, but it doesn't depend on how many times you process them. To find out more about the pricing for the IRIS AE Suite™ please get in touch with us today.

Q: Is the AE Suite™ included in IRIS Payroll Professional?

Mark: Yes, the IRIS AE Suite™ is available in absolutely all of the IRIS Payroll Software packages. 

Q: We have a lot of staff that are not very digitally minded, even if we use the IRIS AE Suite™ can we still print payslips etc for these people?

Mark: Yes, absolutely! As we showed you, the best way to do it is digitally but any staff or employees that you have that don't want it this way - not a problem at all. You can print out all of the communications but a record is still kept for auditing purposes. 

Q: Which is the best pension company to use?

Mark: Unfortunately we absolutely cannot recommend a pension company. We do work with a lot of the top pension providers to develop our software. What we can advise is that you pick any company that offers an automatic enrolment compliant pension scheme which most of the popular pension providers do. If you want to spend some more money, you can always go on and ask an IFA for more help and advice on this.

Q: Is it possible to publish only payslips and pension letters but not P60s?

Mark: Absolutely, you have complete control over what you publish. All of those documents will be created in the payroll but when you click publish you have complete control over what it is that actually gets published to your employee.

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