ACT Conferencing call on IRIS for help with their payroll

By Matthew Thompson | 27th November 2013 | 2 min read

ACT was originally running its payroll in-house, but when the finance department was moved to America, the decision was made for HR to outsource the company payroll. After some deliberation, the decision was made to outsource to IRIS in 2007 and the relationship has continued to grow since then.

Vicki joined ACT in 2008, after the initial switch to IRIS, but has never had any issues. Knowing that the company payroll was being handled by payroll professionals with over 30 years’ experience and that it was being ran with IRIS’ own payroll software left Vicki confident in the decision.

“I had used IRIS payroll software in a previous role, where we had handled payroll in-house. I’d always found the software easy to use and powerful enough to handle our requirements.

The level of service we've received from IRIS has been fantastic. I think a benefit of us building our relationship since 2007 has meant that the IRIS team have developed a real understanding of ACT and how we operate. This is a great help when it comes to dealing with our specific requirements.

Honestly, we've never had any problems since moving to IRIS, it's all been really easy! The team are incredibly knowledgeable: when RTI was introduced the switch was so seamless we barely noticed any difference!”

ACT also recently made the switch from paper payslips to IRIS OpenPayslips, the new digital payslip solution introduced by IRIS in May 2013. IRIS OpenPayslips allows employers to publish their payslips instantly to a secure, online portal where their employees can then view at their leisure via a smartphone, tablet or computer.

“Since introducing IRIS OpenPayslips we have saved so much time! Distributing our payslips used to be quite a time consuming task. IRIS would post these to us and we would have to distribute them around the office, or post them out again to employees working from home or in the field. Now it is all done digitally and our employees can check their payslips from anywhere!

I think IRIS OpenPayslips is a brilliant idea. It reduces waste and saves time and it’s so easy, it just works!”

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