amipak save 3 days per week using the IRIS AE Suite™ with Earnie Business

By Louise Mulgrew | 14th September 2015 | 1 min read

IRIS undertook a case study with amipak and their experience with using the IRIS AE Suite™ within Earnie Business.

Read the full case study here

Fiona Weir, Office Manager of amipak has been running the payroll for five years with 60 employees across two sites split between monthly and weekly payroll cycles.

When it came down to auto enrolment, Fiona explained that her initial feeling towards auto enrolment was that of panic. She explained:

“We didn’t think we would be able to handle the complex legislation at all when we first heard about it. We initially thought that we would have to run our payroll, export the information to our pension provider who would work out the deductions for us and then we would have to re-import that data back and run the payroll again, it seemed that there would be a lot of areas for human error.”

amipak initially heard about the IRIS AE Suite™ because they were signed up to one of IRIS' email newsletter bulletins. Fiona explained:

“We attended an extremely helpful, free online demonstration of the software by our account manager. This helped us see that the software would help us comply and save me a lot of time, so to make the decision to adopt the IRIS AE Suite™ was easy.”

Read the full case study here

Want to know more about the IRIS AE Suite™? You can take a free online demo just like Fiona did and see for yourself how the IRIS AE Suite™ can help streamline your auto enrolment and payroll process.

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