Choosing NEST for auto enrolment? What you need to know about IRIS and NEST Web Services

By Sam Thomas | 11th April 2016 | 3 min read

If you’re thinking of using NEST, the Government-backed pension provider for the workplace pension reforms, do you know about the NEST Web Services facility?

NEST Web Services went live at the end of 2015, and is aimed at simplifying the process of pension file submission to NEST. Previously businesses would need to log-on to their online portal on NEST’s website and upload their data using the correct CSV file format. The service integrates with your IRIS payroll software and means that submitting your pension information for auto enrolment can all be done within your software.

Our SME Division CEO recently spoke at the NEST Web Services event in Central London, to speak about the challenges auto enrolment faces in 2016 and beyond. Before the event, we spoke with some users of NEST Web Services to get their opinions of the service and how it helps their business.

Shahista Chaiwalla, Office Manager at Early Years Network Tower Hamlets had this to say:

“I am now saving approximately an additional half a day each month since using the IRIS AE Suite and NEST Web Services. The functionality is brilliant, it’s so much simpler to manage my payroll and auto enrolment requirements.

“Previously I had to collate the data and manually upload it to NEST whereas now the integration means all the data is there within a click of a button. I would definitely recommend the IRIS AE Suite and NEST Web Services to anyone else using NEST or considering using NEST.”

Chaire Rigby, Business Adminstrator at Lawn Pre-school benefitted from NEST Web Services’ cost effectiveness, telling us:

“We’ve been using NEST Web Services here at the nursery since January when the business staged for auto enrolment, we chose NEST as they offered the most cost-effective service and we’re a small business who needs to manage our costs. I’ve found IRIS and NEST Web Services to be efficient and easy to use, IRIS’ software has worked extremely well and done what we needed it to do, and the compatibility with NEST is excellent.”

Tania Lomas, General Manager at Appliance Services AUL Ltd. are yet to reach their staging date for auto enrolment, and spoke to us about what they plan to do:

“I plan to use NEST Web Services to manage auto enrolment for my eligible employees, we’re a small company so may not have been able to afford other provider’s joining fees and charges. NEST are the most informative, and I found they are the only pension provider who are easily accessible. I found auto enrolment to be costly for our business, but it has been made easier with the combination of IRIS and NEST; using both has also helped me keep up-to-date so that the business maintains compliance to help ensure that we avoid possible fines."

Once the NEST Web Services facility went live, the IRIS AE Suite™ was amongst the first to offer full integration for our users.

The IRIS AE Suite™ allows you to manage auto enrolment with what we call a ‘zero additional effort’ approach. The software is the industry’s most comprehensive auto enrolment software, and has been developed with the end user in mind. The software automatically makes the pension contribution calculations and creates an audit trail of calculations and communications.

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