David Cameron announces plans to cut 3,000 business regulations

By Matthew Thompson | 29th January 2014 | 1 min read

Prime Minister David Cameron announced to the Federation of Small Businesses that he intended to remove 3,000 regulations which are holding back small business growth.

“We have trawled through thousands of pieces of regulation from the serious to the ridiculous, and we will be scrapping or amending over 3,000 regulations – saving business well over £850 million every single year,” Cameron said.

Some of the reforms which will be implemented under the Red Tape Challenge include:

  • Environment: new guidance on contaminated land and hazardous waste
  • Food labelling: regulations to be reduced from 30 to 17
  • Road transport: 142 regulations "scrapped or improved" - 36 million vehicles will no longer need a paper tax disc
  • Aviation: 48 out of 83 regulations "scrapped or improved"
  • Health and safety: "at least one million self-employed" removed from health and safety regulation, and more than 100,000 "low-risk businesses" exempt from inspections
  • Housebuilding: 100 "overlapping and confusing standards" applied to new homes reduced "to less than 10" - estimated saving £64m

“Supporting business is a crucial part of our long term economic plan, creating jobs and security for all. That is why, among so many other things, I have insisted on slashing needless regulation. We will be the first government in modern history to have reduced – rather than increased – domestic business regulation during our time in office,” Cameron went on to say.

Will these reforms help your business to grow and succeed? You can read the full announcement on the Red Tape Challenge website.

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