[Free On-Demand Training Webinar] Seasonal Workers and Auto Enrolment

By Louise Mulgrew | 23rd July 2015 | 1 min read

We recently held a webinar that has all the information that you need to know about how auto enrolment affects your seasonal workers, what you can do about them and how you can use postponement to your advantage.

You can view the free 15 minute recording of the webinar here:

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According to our own research of people that attended IRIS Training sessions, via webinar or seminar, 95% of them said that the training met their requirements. In addition to this, 91% of people said that they would recommend IRIS Training to a friend or colleague.

This free recording is a taster on the types of information that you can get from IRIS Training. If you would like more in-depth IRIS Training on software or legislation, you can visit our training page.

Auto enrolment is something that will affect all employers across the UK (that have eligible employees). What this means is, if you are a company that takes on seasonal workers then you may be required to pay into workplace pensions for those people that you employ.

This also impacts those workers that are employed seasonally; too. The thresholds for auto enrolment:

  • Not already in a qualifying pension scheme
  • Aged 22 - State Pension Age (SPA)
  • Earn over £10,000 in tax year 2015/16
  • Ordinarily works in the UK

On a week by week basis, this works out at £192. Monthly, this works out at £833. You can find more about the thresholds on The Pension Regulator's webiste.