Generating New Business with IRIS OpenWebsite

By James Nadal | 24th April 2015 | 1 min read

Our industry expertise goes beyond compliance and software to business services - such as your online presence and client lead generation.

We are known for our accountancy solutions but we also have a highly regarded and expert web design team.

Our IRIS OpenWebsite services remove the burden of developing and maintaining an effective website, allowing our customers to focus on forging closer relationships with their existing clients, while attracting new ones. 

That is the crux of the issue

How do you develop and maintain a performing website? One that is constantly updated with new content, is search engine-friendly and has great tools to capture new enquiries?

It's no small feat and is not always an area of expertise. 

IRIS OpenWebsite is the answer

We recently completed a project for Paul Meades & Co. We redesiged their website and mapped out the content and customer journey for them. 

The results have be impressive and the new website doubled the number of leads and enquiries compared to their previous site.  According to Paul Meades, owner of the practice, they achieved a return on their investment, through the new web-based business enquiries, within the first month.