HMRC online shutdown begins tonight

By Matthew Thompson | 18th October 2013 | 1 min read

HMRC’s planned IT upgrade and maintenance work, which will cause many of their online services, including their PAYE service, to be unavailable is going ahead this weekend. The shutdown was initially planned for last weekend but was postponed as there were concerns the work would not be finished in the time allocated.

The work is now due to begin this afternoon and run over the weekend. HMRC released the following statement on the effects this shutdown would have on online PAYE services:

“Due to a scheduled upgrade you will be unable to access HMRC Online returns and forms between 20:00 on Friday 18th October and 07:00 on Monday 21st October. If you use Basic PAYE Tools or commercial software you will still be able to submit your returns for PAYE End of Year, In-Year, Expenses and Benefits and Real Time Information(RTI). However you will experience a delay in receiving your online acknowledgement. Please do not attempt to resend your submission. Your acknowledgement will be sent by Tuesday 22 October.

If you create a direct debit mandate after 12:00 on Friday 18 October you will not be able to view the details until 07:30 on Monday 21 October.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.”

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