How Will June's Brexit Vote Affect UK Employment Law?

By Sam Thomas | 18th August 2016 | 2 min read

On June 23rd, the UK voted to leave the European Union. This could have profound implications on the UK's laws, including employment law.

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Whilst many current laws in the UK are influenced by the European Union, many others we in place in some form or another before the UK entered the union. The Government may decide to leave many laws as they are, whereas some may be changed or scrapped altogether.

Laws such as equal pay, maternity leave and racial discrimination were already in place in some form or another before being imposed by Europe. James Davies from law firm Lewis Silkin has written an informative article for the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals which he writes about the core reason why the UK may retain the current laws. He explains that the main reason for the UK to continue to follow European employment law is that it will wish to stay in some sort of trading relationship with the EU, its biggest export partner, albeit not full EU membership.

The arrangements that Switzerland and countries in the European Economic Area, such as Norway, have with the EU involve adherence to a significant amount of EU employment law. Any trade agreement between the UK and the EU is likely to require something similar.

It is therefore unlikely that the UK will remove all of the EU’s laws at once, if at all. The approach is likely to be gradual changes to current legislation, which is something that businesses should begin preparing for now.

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