IRIS Payroll Summer Release

By Louise Mulgrew | 3rd September 2015 | 2 min read

With September upon us, the IRIS Payroll Summer release is now available within IRIS Software. The main headline being the AE Simplification tool within the IRIS AE Suite™ which allows customers to configure their own software.

What software will it be available in?

From September 2015 AE Simplification will be available in:

  • EARNIE / IRIS Payroll Professional
  • IRIS Payroll Business / IRIS Payroll Bureau /  IRIS Bureau for Accountants
  • PAYE-Master
  • IRIS GP Payroll

The AE Simplification tool with the IRIS AE Suite™ allows you to:

  • View a system set-up checklist
  • Link to the The Pension Regulator's (TPR) website for:
    • Establishing the staging date
    • Nominating contact
    • Completion of the Declaration of Compliance
  • Run an approximate assessment of the workforce – how much auto enrolment will cost
  • Enter details of the company pension scheme administrator
  • Enter details of the pension scheme details including the output file details

While the process is simplified, we all know that auto enrolment is NOT simple. As a result all users will be required to attend an AE Configuration Training course. This configuration training will be a walkthrough of how to use the software and the AE Simplification tool.

The tool itself is modelled on TPR's step by step guide of things that you need to complete in order to remain compliant with the legislation. This means that you're more likely than ever to be compliant with auto enrolment by using the IRIS AE Suite™.

Users have access to the AE Configuration Tool regardless of whether their system is licensed for the IRIS AE Suite™ or not. So users can see the available IRIS AE Suite™ functionality prior to purchasing.

Only when the user’s system is licensed for the IRIS AE Suite™ will they have access to the full IRIS AE Suite™ functionality.

As well as AE simplification we are introducing a number of functions to the products to help the users with the day to day processing of AE:

  • AE Pension company dashboard (available in IRIS Payroll Business, PAYE-Master, IRIS GP Payroll and Earnie), providing time savings through simplified auto enrolment processing via a central location:
    • Opt-in - populates opt-in details directly from the dashboard
    • Join – populates joining details directly from the dashboard
    • Opt-out – automatic calculation of refunds – (available in IRIS Payroll Business, PAYE-Master and IRIS GP Payroll)
    • Cease contributions – allows the setting of the contributions to zero and prevents the taking of further deductions
    • Publish pensions communications
  • Employee AE history – saving troubleshooting time
    • Shows history by pay period of a worker status
    • Any activity against the AE record
  • Pay Period Dashboard (available in IRIS Payroll Business, PAYE-Master, IRIS GP Payroll and Earnie) – displays the same information as the Pension Company Dashboard, but by pay period

You can book a free, no obligation demo of the software and see how it can streamline your auto enrolment process.

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