NEST visit the IRIS Auto Enrolment experts

By Louise Mulgrew | 6th July 2015 | 2 min read

David Hilton, Senior Account Manager from NEST came in to talk to our auto enrolment experts, following the recent announcement of the release of NEST Web Services in conjunction with IRIS. NEST Web Services will effectively allow you to manage your NEST account via your payroll software, removing steps in the auto enrolment process and therefore streamlining your responsibilities even further.

The idea is to allow the payroll software to communicate with NEST using a common interface. Setting up new employers, enrolling workers and updating contributions are some of the services available under the NEST Web Services, among others. 

NEST chose to work with a small number of payroll providers including IRIS due to the development capabilities available at IRIS and the shared desire to streamline the auto enrolment and payroll process for businesses.

David came along to IRIS to train the auto enrolment experts on NEST and the service that they provide to businesses for auto enrolment across the UK. This working relationship between IRIS and NEST ensures that our auto enrolment experts have a vast wealth of knowledge at their disposal to help you make the correct informed decisions when it comes to payroll and auto enrolment.

The IRIS auto enrolment experts were split into three groups which saw David deliver training to 45 IRIS staff. David went on to explain about the Public Service Obligation that is implied upon them by the government to accept all business for auto enrolment. 

Because of this, NEST have seen their client base grow to 20,000 employers since the beginning of the auto enrolment legislation back in 2012.

IRIS are agnostic when it comes to pension providers because there are many different alternatives for varying needs and sectors for pensions. However, delivering training to IRIS staff allows them to learn more about how pension companies work, our relationship with pension providers in terms of the technological advancements (i.e. NEST Web Services) and also ensures that any questions that our clients may have relating to pension providers can be answered with confidence.

This was music to the ears of the IRIS auto enrolment experts as making the payroll and auto enrolment process easier for our clients is their number one priority.

This gave them the opportunity to ask David about NEST web services and how it is expected to work within the IRIS Software and the IRIS AE Suite™.

The IRIS AE Suite™ automatically assesses your employees' eligibility for enrolment into a workplace pension scheme with every payroll run. The IRIS AE Suite™ also distribute payslips and P60s electronically and publishes the legally required pension communications to the employees' secure online portal. 

In addition to this, when it is released, the IRIS AE Suite™ will include the NEST web services within it, meaning that pension output files for NEST can be uploaded and sent to them directly without the need to upload them individually to NEST.

Find out more about the IRIS AE Suite™ and how it can streamline your payroll process with a free, no obligation demo.