Our big three SEO predictions for you to know in 2016

By Sam Thomas | 22nd January 2016 | 4 min read







For the small business, the prospect of SEO may seem daunting; after all, you are going head-to-head with global corporations when it comes to ranking on Google. However, there are subtle changes you can make to help your business’s position, as well as predicting how to help maintain that position in 2016. As a leader in UK payroll software, and with thousands of visitors to our website each day, we understand how effective SEO can help businesses thrive, we’ve written a short guide to highlight the top three big SEO predictions for 2016.

1. The (further) rise of social media

We all know the power social media has when it comes to advertising, however its influence with SEO will soon become evident. Last year, Google announced that it had begun indexing both tweets and Facebook posts, this means that if you post on Twitter for example, and your tweet contained keywords, that tweet could potentially show up within a relevant Google search.

Twitter is more prominent here, tweets are public as standard and personal information is usually kept to a minimum on the site, this helps Google access and index the information we are posting. Other social media channels, such as Facebook and LinkedIn are a bit harder for Google to access; Google cannot see in to your personal accounts to see the content, but if content is consistent, clear and regular then it can still have a positive impact on SEO.

Also, purely for SEO purposes, be sure to open a Google+ account for your business, you can upload the same information as you do with Twitter and Facebook, however Google+ (being a Google product) is much easier for Google to work with when it comes to SEO rankings. You can find IRIS on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+, as well as our Payroll and Accountancy Divisions on Twitter.

2. Content, content, content!

This one will never get old in the world of SEO, and here at IRIS we’re a big believer that regular, informative content is perhaps the best way to affect where your business’s ranks online. Industry analysts are predicting that in 2016, user engagement with content will be a big influence in how rankings are decided. The idea is that the more content is created, the more people have available to them to engage with, and the more people who are drawn to your content, the higher Google will rank you. Your content can be in any form: here at IRIS, we post regular, informative content through our daily blogs, our free webinars, and our social media presence.

3. A website design for all devices

Last year we saw Google’s ‘mobilegeddon’ when the search giant began offering preference within rankings to websites who were mobile friendly – and lowering the position of those who were not. This caused headaches for smaller businesses as they didn’t necessarily always have either the time or capital to redesign their website to meet Google’s new demands. Well, with the rise in popularity of wearable technology – for example, smart watches – we may not have to wait too long before another form of accessing the internet is affecting how our websites are designed.

There’s no need to panic and completely re-design your website, however it does highlight the shift away from how we consume our content, and the drift away from traditional desktop browsing, to smartphones, tablets, and perhaps wearables in 2016. Check how mobile friendly your site is with Google’s handy test.

We design IRIS payroll software in the same way, looking ahead at upcoming legislation changes and trends, and ensuring that IRIS software can meet expectations and help businesses thrive. At present, holiday pay is beginning to make ripples in the industry in the same way as the workplace pension reform did with auto enrolment. Here at IRIS, we’ve developed solutions to suit your business because we understand the industry and what our customers need from payroll software. You can see how IRIS can help your business thrive in 2016, start by having a successful Payroll Year End. We can help with our useful IRIS Year End Training, and you can register for one of our Payroll Year End Seminars for further guidance.