Should you manage auto enrolment yourself or outsource it?

By Louise Mulgrew | 27th November 2015 | 1 min read

This free guide is focusing on choosing whether to run your auto enrolment within your payroll software, or outsource it.

Download free "Should you manage auto enrolment yourself or outsource it?"

This new free 13-page guide from IRIS will help you to make the decision on whether it will be best for you to manage your auto enrolment within your business and payroll software, or outsource it to a trusted provider.

You will learn:

  • The alternative options for managing your auto enrolment
  • The benefits of managing your auto enrolment in-house
  • The benefits of outsourcing auto enrolment
  • The IRIS solutions that can help you with this

Included within the free guide is what are your four options for remaining compliant with the workplace pensions legislations. In addition to this, it goes into detail about what is involved in managing your auto enrolment solution internally or outsourcing it.

The IRIS AE Suite™ is the IRIS auto enrolment solution that runs within your payroll. This automatically tells you which of your employees are to be put into a pension scheme to remain compliant with legislation. And the best part is; it does this automatically, without any extra processing time all with the running of your payroll.

Alternatively, if you simply have no time to spend on payroll, you can outsource it entirely to the IRIS Managed Payroll service. You can now use our online calculator to get a quick Managed Payroll quote.

All of this and more is covered in the free guide from IRIS "Should you manage auto enrolment yourself or outsource it?"

Download the free guide here