The 5 most read blog posts on auto enrolment in December

By Louise Mulgrew | 11th January 2016 | 1 min read

Here are the top blog posts based around auto enrolment from the past month.

IRIS contributes to Aviva Auto Enrolment guide

As the auto enrolment staging date for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) approaches, it's important that business owners take notice and prepare for the changes quickly to ensure that you and your business are prepared beforehand to avoid the predictable rush as each staging date draws nearer.

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Take a look at January's free auto enrolment webinar sessions

We’re pleased to announce the first webinars of 2016 to be delivered throughout January.

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Should you manage auto enrolment yourself or outsource it? [Free Guide]

This free guide will help you choose whether to run your auto enrolment within your payroll software, or outsource it.

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The essential guide to auto enrolment from The Pensions Regulator

Now that it is the turn of the smaller and micro businesses to start meeting their auto enrolment duties, The Pensions Regulator (TPR) have responded with a new essential 12-page guide to auto enrolment.

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Have you factored in Pension Charges to your auto enrolment setup cost?

The People's Pension have recently announced that from 23rd November, businesses staging from 1st January onwards will have to pay £500 up front for a pension scheme.

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