Today is Pensions Awareness Day Across the UK!

By Sam Thomas | 15th September 2016 | 2 min read

Launched in 2014, today marks the third annual Pensions Awareness Day. The aim is to raise awareness of pensions and auto enrolment across the UK.

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Created by Yorkshire-based company Pensions Geeks, each year they travel across the UK, visiting cities to promote the benefits of pensions, and changing the way they’re thought about amongst the general public. This year, they’re visiting Edinburgh, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol and Brighton between 12th - 17th of September, with the date in-between – today – being declared as Pensions Awareness Day.

Why Raise Pension Awareness?

As a nation, we’re simply not saving enough for our retirement. In 1901 there were 10 people working for every pensioner in the UK, in 2010 there were 3 people working for every pensioner, and by 2050 it is expected that this will change to just 2 workers. To combat this, the Workplace Pension Reforms were put in place by the Government to change how the current system works.

Auto enrolment was introduced back in 2012, and requires both employees and employers to contribute to pension pots each time they’re paid, providing they don’t opt-out. Additionally, the State Pension in changing for anyone reaching State Pension Age – 68 – from 6th April 2016 onwards. These changes are intended to begin a pension’s revolution, and with over 200,000 businesses now compliant with automatic enrolment, and the new State Pension date been and gone, the revolution is well and truly underway.

Sounds Good, I Want To Learn More About Pensions!

Excellent! The Workplace Pension Reforms are now affecting smaller businesses with less than 30 employees. We’re offer free webinars each month to help businesses just like yours learn more about what auto enrolment is, how it affects you, and what you’ll need to do. Bite-size Auto Enrolment for Small Businesses provides all of this and more, all within a compact 30-minute timeslot. Hosted by Liam Snape, an IRIS Auto Enrolment Consultant with nearly ten years of pension’s experience, you'll learn some of the basics of auto enrolment and what they will mean for you.

The next session is running on Tuesday 27th September at 10am. You can register for the webinar completely free using the blue buttons and the top and bottom of this blog. Alternatively, if you can’t make this date, you can download a pre-recorded version of the webinar by visiting our On Demand page.

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