UK employment hits record high

By Sam Thomas | 9th February 2016 | 1 min read







The number of people in the UK working has rose to the highest figure since records began back in 1971.

Just over 30 million people are now in jobs, which is an increase of nearly 460,000 since the same period in 2015. 24.7 million of the 30 million people now in work are employed in the private sector, with the remaining 5.51 million working in the public sector.

The biggest drop in sector employment came from the public sector, with a loss of 159,000 employees, however this can attributed to Royal Mail moving to private ownership.

Overall, the official unemployment rate remained flat at 7.2% for the three month period ending in January 2016.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported that the number of people working part-time has fallen to 1.4 million, but this is still 41,000 higher than this time last year. ONS also announced that the average weekly wages had also risen as a result of the healthy employment figures, however stressed that with rising living costs, this would not necessarily translate into more disposable income for people.

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