Watch the helpful Making Auto Enrolment Simple video from The People's Pension

By Louise Mulgrew | 28th May 2015 | 1 min read

Auto enrolment is no easy subject to swallow and every effort is being taken by pension providers and payroll providers alike to ensure that auto enrolment is as easy as it can be to understand.

This video from The People's Pension helps to explain auto enrolment to you in a way that you can easily benefit from it. Watch the quick two and a half minute video below:

[YouTube id = "VREOA38Ng8w"]

The video begins by talking about the reasoning behind introducing the new workplace pension reform and the need that workers have to be auto enrolled into qualifying pension schemes. 

In addition to this, the video also explains what a staging date is. It also goes on to explain that all companies must have a pension scheme in place that complies with the new rules under the auto enrolment legislation.

As well as this, the video also explains that it is compulsory that employers should assess each worker for auto enrolment and work out who meets the requirements to be auto enrolled and then they must also communicate to these employees what is happening.

There is also emphasis on the fact that The Pensions Regulator can issue fines for non-compliance of this legislation. The People's Pension's suitability for auto enrolment pensions is also explained as they provide pensions that fit the rules for the legislation and will accept companies of any size.

To find out more about how IRIS can help you with auto enrolment, why not check out our insight page for more information?

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