Why do Lokman Consulting Ltd find payroll a breeze with IRIS?

By Matthew Thompson | 11th December 2013 | 2 min read

Lokman Consulting Ltd, a business and management consultancy service based in Bedfordshire, chose to implement IRIS Payroll Basics to handle their company payroll. We sat down with Admin Office Manager Alec Gregg to find out what led to this decision, as well as how they have found the free payroll solution from IRIS.

Lokman Consulting Ltd began operating on 1st October 2013, and being a new company with only 6 staff on their payroll to begin with, Alec wanted to find a simple, cost effective solution for handling their payroll.

“I have a history in accountancy, but I was always used to running everything manually, so had minimal experience with payroll software. After asking around I was pointed in the direction of IRIS, and more specifically, the free payroll solution – IRIS Payroll Basics” Alec commented.

“After downloading the software and reading the user manual, running our first payroll was a breeze! The software flows so smoothly and the user manual guides you perfectly through running your payroll.

I did initially look at a few different software options, but found that IRIS Payroll Basics was beautifully simple and much more user friendly than the software offered Sage and other commercial providers.”

Even with major legislative changes such as Real Time Information (RTI) to deal with, Alec feels confident that IRIS Payroll Basics is up to the task.

“I am currently reading through the free RTI guide that I downloaded from the IRIS website, and as with the user guide, everything is laid out so simply I have no concerns about complying with the legislation.

I can’t praise IRIS Payroll Basics enough and if you ask me, I think HMRC should scrap their free software and recommend businesses to use this instead. I understand that once the company grows past a certain point we will need to look at upgrading to a different system, but I can guarantee that when that time comes, it will be an IRIS solution that we will use!”

IRIS Payroll Basics is free RTI compliant payroll software, suitable for businesses with fewer than 10 employees. To download your free copy of the software, visit the IRIS Payroll Basics page.

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