Workie proves to be a big hit when it comes to awareness of auto enrolment

By Sam Thomas | 14th April 2016 | 2 min read

The Pensions Regulator has published findings from a recent survey and found that awareness of auto enrolment has increased greatly in recent months.

The survey included both accountants and small businesses, and looked at both the level of awareness for auto enrolment, and how successful the ‘Workie’ campaign has been so far.

Workie was created by a joint effort between The Pensions Regulator and the Department of Work and Pensions, and was launched in October 2015. This survey represents one of the first key pieces of research into how effective the campaign has been. The idea behind Workie is that, even though the workplace pension reforms have been active since October 2012, it is only now that the micro, small, and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are reaching their staging dates. Workie is intended to create awareness amongst SMEs who may not necessarily have prepared for auto enrolment and act as the ‘physical embodiment of the workplace pension’.

79% of employers remember seeing or hearing at least one of Workie’s adverts, whilst also reporting that in general they found them to be memorable.

Other Key Findings

  • Knowledge amongst accountants of the need to complete a Declaration of Compliance after a client has staged has increase greatly, from 60% in Spring 2015 to a current level of 84%
  • The level of confidence amongst accountants at being able to answer client questions on auto enrolment remained surprisingly low, at around half of practices surveyed
  • Awareness of auto enrolment, the legislation which surrounds it, and the responsibilities it brings remained high amongst small employers, at 90%
  • Receiving correspondence from The Pensions Regulator was the main call to action for employers, with 76% acting afterwards
  • 77% of small employers, and 65% of micro employers felt that auto enrolment is a good thing overall

If you’re part of the 10% who believes that your knowledge on auto enrolment is below what you’d like it to be, IRIS are here to help.

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