Digital Payslips: Why It’s Time To Join The 21st Century

By Sam Thomas | 1st June 2016 | 14 min read


Is your business still printing payslips and other communications? Maybe you're emailing payslips to your employees? Today's blog looks at the main reason why you shouldn't.

Why Emailing Payslips Could Send Trouble Your Way

Back in 2015, we wrote about the Google Inc. vs. Vidal-Hall court case and how the ramifications of this meant that the rules regarding the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). Previously, a compensation claim could only be made if a breach of the DPA resulted in financial loss. This meant that claims could not be made against any stressful or embarrassing consequences of a data breach. The Court of Appeal ruled that this was unfair and clause 13 of the DPA now states that financial loss no longer needs to be shown for compensation claims for any impact upon the individual that could be seen as emotional.

The impact that this now has on businesses is the effect upon the emailing of payslips and P60s. Whilst this practice is generally frowned upon anyway, there are still businesses that adopt this practice and now they could be breaking the law if there is a data breach. Essentially, if someone intercepts a payslip after you’ve emailed it to your employees, even without a financial loss, that employee would be entitled to legal action against their employer.

What Can You Do?

If you currently email payslips to employees, it’s important that you review this as soon as possible.

You’ll have two options, either revert back to the more traditional method of payslips distribution. This can be costly, with an average price of £1.73 per payslip when stationery and postage are considered.

Alternatively, look at IRIS’ very own solution, IRIS OpenPayslips, our secure web based solution that enables your employees to access, and download their payslips via an online portal via PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. IRIS is the only payroll software provider that allows you to deliver your employees' payslips direct to their smartphone! IRIS OpenPayslips also delivers P60s and pension communications electronically in order to comply with auto enrolment legislation.

The IRIS OpenPayslips app can be downloaded by employees for smartphone and tablet as well as being accessible via desktop. The payslips, P60s and pension letters are organised clearly into groups allowing you quick and easy access to the documents that you need. Need a payslip from 6 months ago? No problem, simply scroll through your payslips and locate all of your previous documents quickly and efficiently!

IRIS OpenPayslips is a 24/7 fully accessible service which means that your employees can access their account and their documents whenever they may need them. In addition to this, they are less likely to lose payslips and don't have to ask for duplicates to be printed should they need them. The accounts are fully managed by the employee meaning that they have complete control over their own login details and security.

Additionally, IRIS OpenPayslips is completely free for accountants and their employees.

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