How to avoid auto enrolment fines with compliant communications [Free Guide]

By Louise Mulgrew | 31st March 2015 | 13 min read

Communication is one of the key elements of auto enrolment, so it's vitally important that it is done correctly to stay compliant and avoid penalties. You can download our free guide to learn "How to avoid auto enrolment fines with compliant communications".

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As reported in one of our previous blog posts, there are now fines of up to £10,000 per day for not completing your auto enrolment communications properly. One of the reasons reported by The Pensions Regulator for businesses being fined is that they are not completing their Declaration of Compliance notices properly.

These communications during auto enrolment raise awareness and determine how ready you and your employees are for the workplace pension reform. This can be done by letting your employees know about the changes that will be happening to your business (i.e. via letters), attending courses and reading information on the legislation. 

With our society becoming increasingly tech-conscious with more than 35 million people owning a smartphone, communications are now becoming much more streamlined. This opens up new opportunities to be more economical and save money as a business by embracing new technologies.

IRIS have created a free 11-page guide to take you through steps that you can go to, to avoid auto enrolment fines with compliant communications. There is also a handy checklist that you can print off to keep track of your progress!

With auto enrolment, there really is no such thing as being "too prepared" which is why IRIS have put together a free 11-page guide on how to avoid auto enrolment fines with compliant communications. You can download it completely free below:

Download the free guide