IRIS help A.M. Nomikos & Son get their payroll shipshape

By Matthew Thompson | 21st August 2013 | 7 min read

Shipping agency A.M. Nomikos & Son had always handled their UK payroll in-house, but in 2008 they made the decision to outsource this function to IRIS. We spoke to Finance Account Manager Annette Canbas to find out why they have stayed loyal to IRIS since then.

With a relatively small team based in the UK, Annette had no trouble running a manual payroll. However, when the shipping industry saw its boom in 2004-2006, the UK team at A.M. Nomikos & Son quadrupled in size and running a manual payroll was no longer an efficient solution.

“With the team expanding at such a rate, we didn’t have the time or manpower to continue manually processing our payroll. Things were getting out of control and we needed a solution that would save us time and money” Annette commented.

“Initially we were looking to purchase payroll software so we could continue running our payroll in-house. We came to IRIS as a number of people in the business had experience with IRIS payroll software. However, we decided that it would be more practical to utilise the IRIS Managed Payroll Service. The solution fit our budget perfectly.”

The switch was finally made in April 2008 and the relationship between IRIS and A.M. Nomikos & Son has continued to grow from then.

You can read the full case study here.

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