IRIS speak at NEST web services event

By Sam Thomas | 24th March 2016 | 14 min read

Yesterday evening, the CEO of our SME Division, Mark Paraskeva, attended and spoke at NEST’s Web Services event in Central London, to speak about auto enrolment and the challenges it faces in 2016 and beyond.

The event was attended by a range of industry leaders, and Mark was one of three payroll software providers who spoke at the event as part of NEST’s guest panel.

NEST designed the event to raise awareness within micro and small businesses of NEST’s Web Service functionality, the issues micro and small businesses face and how payroll software providers like IRIS are working to help them.

Mark spoke at the event, and afterwards had this to say:

“It was great to attend the NEST Web Services event last night at Glaziers Hall, London. I am genuinely impressed at how quickly NEST have completed this service and that IRIS can now offer it to our customers. Most pleased at how IRIS were instrumental in defining this as a priority at the NEST Staff Conference back in June 2014. Our joint customers can now transfer pension contributions from payroll to NEST quite literally at the push of a button!”

One our key aims here at IRIS is to help make auto enrolment as stress free as possible for businesses of all sizes. We write regular blogs and guides, have a wide range of webinars which are free to join, and have developed the industry’s more comprehensive auto enrolment solution, the IRIS AE Suite™.

The IRIS AE Suite™ has been developed though close relationships with pension providers, The Pensions Regulator, as well as through customer feedback. The solution works within your payroll and is not a ‘middleware’ solution. With over 7,300 businesses assessing over 600,700 employees you can relax in the knowledge that the IRIS AE Suite™ will deliver push button automation, taking the admin and stress out of automatic enrolment compliance.

You can find out more about the IRIS AE Suite™ here, or alternatively you can book a free, no-obligation product demonstration with an IRIS auto enrolment expert.

If you’ve chosen NEST as your workplace pension provider and would like to know more about using NEST Web Services from your IRIS Payroll, we have a bite-sized support webinar available on-demand. It contains information on how to setup within IRIS Payroll, submit pension output directly to NEST, and approve submissions on the NEST website. You can download and view the free on-demand webinar using the button below, and also download the free on-demand webinar we presented jointly with NEST here.

Download my NEST webinar