Massey Wilcox Transport: “Don’t panic when it comes to auto enrolment” – Case Study

By Louise Mulgrew | 5th March 2015 | 13 min read

Download the case study to find out how Anita Billing, Accounts Assistant at Massey Wilcox Transport copes with auto enrolment calmly with the use of the IRIS AE Suite™.

Anita Billing, Accounts Assistant of Massey Wilcox Transport Ltd has worked in payroll for almost 20 years and has used IRIS for 14 years. The main reason behind sticking with IRIS is the ease of use on a day to day basis.

Anita runs two separate payrolls; a weekly payroll consisting of around 90 employees and a monthly payroll consisting of around 20 employees. As you can imagine, the variance in the weekly to monthly assessment that goes on for auto enrolment could be extremely time consuming if things were to be processed manually for each payroll cycle.

Anita explains “I wouldn’t have time to assess people (for auto enrolment) each week, with the split between weekly and monthly pay, it would be impossible”.

The IRIS AE Suite™ assesses the employees’ eligibility every time the payroll runs which means that every time there is a change, Anita is notified and the corresponding pension communications are published accordingly.

To find out more about how Massey Wilcox Transport Ltd use the IRIS AE Suite™ to stay compliant with pension legislation along with saving time and money, download the free case study:

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