Only 30% of employers know their staging date for auto enrolment

By Matthew Thompson | 23rd August 2013 | 7 min read

70% of small businesses are unaware of when they need to begin complying with auto enrolment, according to a recent IRIS survey.

The survey, which took part in August, looked at 160 small and medium sized businesses with the aim of determining how prepared they were for auto enrolment. Finding this out would help us to provide you with the best possible support.

When we asked the participants if they knew their staging date for auto enrolment, only 30% knew when this was. Your staging date is the date at which you are legally required to start complying with auto enrolment.

We spoke in a post earlier this month about how less than 20% of businesses had started planning for auto enrolment, despite calls from industry experts to leave at least 12 months preparation time prior to your staging date. No matter what steps you think you need to take to prepare, the first of these will be to find out your staging date. Once you know this, you know how much time you have to prepare and can plan accordingly.

Do you know when your staging date is? If not, you can find out through The Pensions Regulator website.

To help you prepare for auto enrolment we are holding free webinars every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Visit the webinar page to find out more and book your place.