The top five most read payroll blog posts from March

By Sam Thomas | 7th April 2016 | 13 min read

 Here are the top 5 most popular blog articles from March which cover payroll.

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This month, the most popular payroll blogs cover the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals discussing the upcoming changes to holiday pay, the top 3 budget announcements which could affect your business, our payroll factcard which is now updated for 2016/17, understanding Scottish tax codes, and the introduction of the new IRIS Holiday Pay Module.

The Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals on Holiday Pay

Recently, we’ve been writing about the upcoming changes to Holiday Pay Legislation, brought about after the results of two court cases; Fulton & Baxter vs. Bear Scotland, and Lock vs. British Gas, respectively.

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The top 3 Budget announcements which could affect your business

In March, George Osbourne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, delivered his eighth Budget which he says will put ‘the next generation first’, but what does it mean for UK businesses?

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Download your free payroll factcard for 2016/17

Back in mid-January, we put together a 2015/16 payroll factcard for the upcoming self-assessment tax returns which contained a range of helpful facts and figures. The factcard went down very well with great feedback from people who downloaded the document. As we approach the beginning of the new financial year, we’ve updated the factcard in-line with the newly-announced updates to 2016/17.

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Understanding Scottish tax codes

Do you have employees that live in Scotland? Here is some information you need to know about Scottish Tax Codes.

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Introducing the IRIS Holiday Pay Module

We’re pleased to announce the introduction of the IRIS Holiday Pay Module. This will integrate with IRIS Payroll Professional and both Earnie Executive and Earnie Business to automatically calculate the amount of holiday pay due to your employees each pay period.

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